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IT Management Linux News for Aug 25, 2009

  • RedHat has a hornet in its bonnet (2009-08-25 22:03:42)
    Open Enterprise: "Red Hat was the first major GNU/Linux company, which gave it a number of advantages, including the fact that it was able to sweep up many of the top kernel hackers to work for it..."

  • Botnets must die (2009-08-25 17:03:56)
    Cyber Cynic: "Dateline 2011: Today's Internet report is Green in the European Union, Yellow in North America but still Red in the Pan-Pacific countries and Israel."

  • The Ubuntu Server: Slowly Gaining Acceptance (2009-08-25 14:33:56)
    Begin Linux: "The Ubuntu Server operating system has not yet become as widely used as the Ubuntu desktop edition, but it is slowly getting there."

  • SCO: 'Linux is a knock-off of our Unix' (2009-08-25 14:03:56)
    TG Daily: "Is it just me, or does it sometimes seem that the principle role of the IT industry is to act as a job creation scheme for lawyers?"

  • The SCO zombie wins one (2009-08-25 09:04:43)
    Cyber Cynic: "Oh the irony. Today, August 24th, a Federal Appeals Court ruled that while the walking dead SCO still owes Novell big bucks for selling Unix to Sun and Microsoft, the District Court overstepped its grounds in ruling that SCO had never bought Unix's IP (intellectual property) rights in the first place."

  • Linux saves the day ... again (2009-08-25 01:34:43)
    The Linux Distillery: "What do you do when Windows will not boot and cannot repair itself from the installation CD? You fire up a Linux Live CD!"