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IT Management Linux News for Aug 26, 2009

  • Bill Gates Called "LUNIX" a Threat Back in 1997 (2009-08-26 22:02:10)
    Boycott Novell: "Even then, back when Linux was a 6-year-old kernel, Microsoft feared it enough to be listed as a top threat."

  • Rogue SF Network Admin Gets Break on Charges (2009-08-26 19:02:26)
    David Needle: "Remember Terry Childs? He was the system administrator of San Francisco’s fiber-optic wide area network (WAN) arrested last year for illegal tampering with the city’s network and then locking it down so authorized administrators couldn’t access it."

  • Macs In the Enterprise Are Dead (and Chrome OS Killed Them) (2009-08-26 18:16:26)
    EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: "You've probably read one of the many articles going around recently about how you should be preparing to incorporate Macs into your network environment. Save yourself the bother: Google's announcement of its Chrome OS last month sounded the death knell for the prospects of Macs in the enterprise."

  • Likewise Software: Now Ubuntu Discovers Active Directory (2009-08-26 16:02:42)
    WorksWithU: "Likewise Software is well-known for integrating Linux, Unix and Mac OS X with Microsoft Active Directory networks. But now Likewise Software is taking steps to specifically embrace Ubuntu users and Canonical customers."

  • Creating a Multi-Boot Mini-Server (2009-08-26 13:32:42)
    Random Musings: "As long as I was doing that, I decided to set up a few other server-oriented Linux distributions, and see if I could get the whole thing multi-booting."