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IT Management Linux News for Aug 27, 2009

  • Saving Linux cash on Vista clunkers (2009-08-27 22:32:23)
    Cyber Cynic: "My friend Joe Eckert recently penned a short, funny piece entitled, "Does Tech Need a Boost? How About "Cash for Vista?". After I got done smiling at it, I thought: why not offer desktop Linux to people with Vista clunkers? Seriously, why not?"

  • xTuple Open Source Summit For Business and Government (2009-08-27 20:37:23)
    xTuple press release: "What: Open Waters is a one-day educational event. Attendees will learn business benefits, implementation tips, and best practices for open source."

  • Secure VoIP, GNU SIP Witch, and replacing Skype with free software (2009-08-27 20:17:23)
    LXer Feature: "For a number of years I have been when possible working on what is called the GNU Telephony Secure Calling initiative to make communication intercept a thing of the past, whether for individuals, private organizations, or national governments, and to do so entirely using free software."

  • SCO Will Try Again (2009-08-27 19:32:23)
    Linux Journal: "To hear some tell it, SCO has emerged triumphant, Novell is vanquished, darkness shall reign in the whole of the land, and male pattern baldness will engulf us all."

  • Iomega unveils new Linux-based, entry-level NAS server (2009-08-27 16:32:23)
    Computerworld: "The Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d NAS server, based on EMC's AX line of low-end arrays, runs on Linux and can be set up in in a few minutes via four mouse clicks, according to the company."

  • Microsoft Seeks Patent for CAPTCHA-Based Ads (2009-08-27 15:04:39)
    InternetNews: "Microsoft is seeking to patent a method for using a popular human-verification technology on the Web to deliver advertising to a captive audience."

  • The i4i-Microsoft Appeal - HP and Dell Ask to File Amicus Briefs in Support of Microsoft (2009-08-27 14:32:35)
    Groklaw: "They will say their businesses will be deleteriously affected if they can't ship Word, and the world as we know it will halt if the judge doesn't turn this around and block the injunction at least until the appeal can be heard."

  • Defying Experts, Rogue Computer Code Still Lurks (2009-08-27 14:02:35)
    New York Times: "Like a ghost ship, a rogue software program that glided onto the Internet last November has confounded the efforts of top security experts to eradicate the program and trace its origins and purpose, exposing serious weaknesses in the world’s digital infrastructure."

  • 2000 ISVs Embrace Novell SUSE Appliance Program (2009-08-27 12:34:10)
    The VAR Guy: "More than 2,000 independent software vendors (ISVs) have signed up for the SUSE Appliance Program — which is less than a month old. Pretty darn impressive, assuming those ISVs move forward with Novell."