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IT Management Linux News for Sep 14, 2009

  • Microsoft and A Patent Checkmate of My Dreams - Updated (2009-09-14 23:04:32)
    Groklaw: "Eureka! You could sell the patents to patent trolls, and let *them* be the bad guys. Is that not perfect if you are evil? Not that Microsoft would ever be evil."

  • What to Do If You Saw an ‘Antivirus’ Pop-Up Ad (2009-09-14 22:04:32)
    Gadgetwise: "Some nasty ads have hit the Web browsers of visitors to NYTimes.com and some other sites in recent days. The ads, which are not authorized or endorsed by The Times, can hijack a person's browser and make it appear as if a scan for viruses is running."

  • Managing Linux and Mac Fileshares in Windows (2009-09-14 21:34:32)
    InternetNews: "It's an Active Directory world, but now Linux and Mac users can join in with new open source software."

  • Linux 2.6.31's best five features (2009-09-14 20:34:32)
    Cyber Cynic: "Lately, most of the improvements in the Linux kernel have been for server users. In the latest release though, Linux 2.6.31, most of the best goodies are for Linux desktop users. Here's my list of the top five improvements."

  • Recover data with Linux (2009-09-14 17:34:32)
    TechRadar: "But this being Linux, there's plenty you can do to dig yourself out of a hole, which is why it's always a good idea to have a repair-worthy distribution close to hand when performing configuration and installation tasks."

  • Netbooks have a huge impact on the PC industry (2009-09-14 17:04:32)
    ItRunsOnLinux: "The success of Netbooks also surprised Microsoft & forced them to lower the prices of their XP Home licenses, to regain marketshare over Linux."

  • Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On Fedora 11 (2009-09-14 09:06:19)
    Unixmen: "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning, or WebDAV, is a protocol that allows for convenient mounting of a remote server on your desktop for easy file access."

  • HowTo get CDP Neighbor Information Through Python and SNMP (2009-09-14 00:12:11)
    Linux Dynasty: "Have you ever wanted to know what CDP enabled devces ( and info related to those devices ) that were directly connected to your your Core Switch? But you just do not have the access to get that info."