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IT Management Linux News for Sep 24, 2009

  • Port Scan Attack Detector PSAD (2009-09-24 21:36:17)
    Networking Geek to Geek: "I wanted to see what it would take to build out a full SMB network that would pass audits and be secure enough that hackers would classify it as non low hanging fruit and move on to the next target."

  • LinuxCon: Shuttleworth's Three Methods to Improve FOSS Development (2009-09-24 20:36:17)
    Community-cation: "Shuttleworth has long maintained that if free and open source software projects can begin to sync their development cycles with each other, then both upstream and downstream developers (and, ultimately, users) will benefit."

  • Red Hat: Linux Pays Off - And Isn't Bloated (2009-09-24 20:06:17)
    InternetNews: "The growth of Red Hat's business is not necessarily a sign of renewed spending in the IT sector. Rather in Whitehurst's view, Red Hat's growth is coming by way of taking share from other operating system vendors."

  • Why IBM won't Do Desktop Linux (2009-09-24 18:36:17)
    Linux Today Blog: "And that is what all the big vendors are chasing now. They're not interested in OEM desktop Linux and never will be. And just like Google and Amazon and other huge consumers of Linux, they'll have a built-in GPL dodge and share only whatever code they feel like sharing."

  • Open source profits, proprietary fails (2009-09-24 18:06:17)
    Cyber Cynic: "While businesses like Microsoft and Sun are seeing their profits and growth decline, pure open-source play companies like Red Hat are actually gaining customers and profits in a down economy."

  • Crontab Basics (2009-09-24 08:32:43)
    WDVL: "Why spend your time running repetitive scripts manually? With Cron Tabs, you can set it and forget it."

  • Why Africa gets the IBM-Ubuntu bundle and you do not (2009-09-24 06:32:43)
    ZDNet: "Irregular readers of this space may be wondering why IBM and Ubuntu are partnering on a Linux bundle for Africa but not here."