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IT Management Linux News for Oct 07, 2009

  • IBM Introduces Linux-based Netbook Software Aimed at Developing World (Oct 07, 2009, 18:32)
    Fast Company: "What is surprising is that the computer giant is angling for market share in Africa and the developing world, introducing a cloud- and premise-based software package running on open-source Linux programs instead of Microsoft Windows"

  • Open source: Still waiting on IT (Oct 07, 2009, 17:32)
    The Open Road: "I'll feel a lot better, however, when we hear less about vendors writing open-source software and more about enterprise IT releasing open-source code."

  • Netgear trying to fool their users with "Open Source Router" (Oct 07, 2009, 17:02)
    Harald Welte's blog: "The problem with this Open Source router is: It ships with binary-only kernel modules."

  • Does the open source label still matter? (Oct 07, 2009, 15:02)
    Fierce Content Management: "When it comes to selling a commercial open source product, how different is it really from selling a proprietary product? In the end, if it's a good product, the fact it's open source is probably a minor factor for buyers."

  • Free as in Speech vs. Free as in Beer, Redux (Oct 07, 2009, 06:04)
    Serverwatch: "Well it's bound to be popular isn't it?" you'll hear the non-tech savvy say. "Everyone loves something that's free."