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IT Management Linux News for Oct 09, 2009

  • Ballmer Criticizes I.B.M.’s High-Profit Diet (2009-10-09 22:35:45)
    NY Times: "Mr. Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive, was critical of I.B.M.'s decisions over the last decade to dispose of its networking equipment, hard disk and PC businesses. Technology companies must pursue constant market expansion and diversity to stay alive and relevant..."

  • Does Microsoft complicate its licensing on purpose? (2009-10-09 17:35:45)
    Computer World: ""They are impossible to track, and because they're impossible to track, customers can very easily get in very serious trouble for not having the right CALs and the right number of CALs," he said.""

  • Linux Server Management: Five Signs You're Doing It Wrong (2009-10-09 15:35:43)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Postulate: if you cannot tell a server (be it physical or virtual) to reinstall itself, then simply walk away knowing it will reload and return to full service, you are doing it wrong"

  • Who really has the most Linux users? (2009-10-09 14:05:43)
    Cyber Cynic: "First, Red Hat's claimed the lion's share of the Linux market, then Novell said Red Hat's not that much in the lead, so where does the truth lie?"

  • MS and Novell: Relationship 'exceeding expectations' (2009-10-09 12:02:20)
    ZDNet UK: "Microsoft and Novell are close to completing the sales targets that formed part of their alliance, three years into the five-year deal, representatives from the companies said on Thursday."