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IT Management Linux News for Dec 02, 2009

  • Understanding NIC Bonding with Linux (2009-12-02 22:02:58)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Network card bonding is an effective way to increase the available bandwidth, if it is done carefully. Without a switch that supports 802.3ad, you must have the right hardware to make it work. In this article we will explain how bonding works so you can deploy the right mode for your situation."

  • UNIX turns 40 (2009-12-02 21:32:58)
    IBM Developerworks: "Many of us still remember that Byte Magazine article in 1990 that wondered "Is UNIX dead?" The timing was around the impending release of Windows NT."

  • Forensic Cop Journal 2(1): Ubuntu Forensic (2009-12-02 20:02:58)
    Forensic Cop: "Ubuntu Forensic is the use of Ubuntu for digital forensic purposes. As it provides a wide range of forensic tools as well as anti-forensic and cracking tools, so it is reliable to investigate a computer crime and analyse digital evidence on it."

  • Why Red Hat doesn't see CentOS as a Linux rival (2009-12-02 19:02:58)
    Netstat -vat: "One thing that isn't in the posted story, that I've always been curious about, is why Red Hat itself doesn't go after CentOS users in an effort to convert them to paid Red Hat support."

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Clone CentOS Gets Commercial Support (2009-12-02 16:32:58)
    Datamation: "Free, community-driven versions of Linux don't often benefit from commercial enterprise support efforts. For CentOS, that's now about to change. The clone of Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) Enterprise Linux is now being commercially supported by services vendor OpenLogic."

  • Solid State Drives Take Out the Garbage (2009-12-02 13:32:58)
    Enterprise Storage Forum: ""SSDs suffer from a difficulty that doesn't exist in HDDs — the flash must be erased before new data can be written into it," said Jim Handy, an analyst at Objective Analysis, a market research firm that predicts 148 percent unit growth for the enterprise SSD market."

  • OpenLogic offers CentOS Linux support for enterprises (2009-12-02 10:32:58)
    The H Open: "OpenLogic have announced that they are expanding their commercial support services for open source packages to include CentOS Linux."

  • How to keep track of unused switch ports using Nagios or op5 Monitor (2009-12-02 07:32:58)
    An It-Slave in the digital saltmine: "This guide will describe howto get it running in op5 Monitor. op5 Monitor is vanilla Nagios with some addons so it should be no problem to follow this guide in a Nagios environment"