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IT Management Linux News for Dec 10, 2009

  • Health check: Red Hat - This year's model (2009-12-10 20:02:11)
    The H Open: "Red Hat has long been the poster child of Linux and open source, the distribution that has been there since the beginning, grew up right, got all the luck, usually made the right decisions, and fetched up on top of the pile."

  • Microsoft to testify at Oracle/Sun European Commission hearing (2009-12-10 10:32:11)
    All About Microsoft: "The “source” reports are true: Microsoft is going to be participating in this week’s hearing held by the European Commission regarding Oracle’s proposal to take over Sun."

  • Better Wi-Fi Network Security: Advanced Techniques (2009-12-10 09:02:11)
    Datamation: "If you've done any Google-ing on Wi-Fi security, you probably have the basics beaten into you: Don't use WEP, use WPA or WPA2, disable SSID broadcasting, change default settings, and so on. Therefore we'll forgo the basics and skip to other ways you might be able to increase the security of your wireless network."