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IT Management Linux News for Dec 14, 2009

  • Opposition mounts to Oracle's MySQL acquisition (2009-12-14 22:34:29)
    Computerworld: "You might have thought it was just open-source advocates objecting to the deal out of the fear that Oracle, the world's biggest proprietary DBMS (database management systems) company, would close down the most popular open-source DBMS. You'd be wrong. Microsoft wants to block the deal, too."

  • Answering SCO Bit by Bit - The Robert Swartz Memo, Take 2 (2009-12-14 21:34:29)
    Groklaw: "The report states, in part, "First, many portions of Linux were clearly written with access to a copy of Unix sources. This of course would be a violation of the License agreements under which Unix is distributed."

  • SFLC hammers GPL violators (2009-12-14 21:04:29)
    Cyber Cynic: "Some companies, however, think that they can use Linux and open-source software for their products without releasing the source code or, in some cases, paying the creators. Wrong."

  • Oracle's pledges on MySQL are 'purely cosmetic', say critics (2009-12-14 20:04:29)
    Computerworld: "Oracle's latest commitments designed to address the European Commission's concerns regarding its acquisition of Sun Microsystems and the MySQL database are paper thin, and even if they were confirmed they wouldn't safeguard MySQL's future..."

  • Kennards Hire offloads Linux machines after costly experiment (2009-12-14 17:04:29)
    Australian IT: "KENNARDS Hire has decided to ditch 300 desktop machines running Fedora Linux for Windows-based thin clients."

  • Microsoft Encroaching on Spanish Schools... Again (2009-12-14 13:34:29)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "The Spanish Government announced in a surprising move that an agreement with Microsoft has been signed to give out laptops to primary schoolchildren next year."

  • #diwd New York State Senate: New Regime, New Web Mandate (2009-12-14 12:34:29)
    CMSWire: "For example, there was a small army of people hand-clipping articles they thought the Senators would like. The clippers would then scan in the articles, print out copies for all interested parties and mail or deliver them."

  • Red Hat heads back to the desktop with SPICE (2009-12-14 12:04:29)
    Cyber Cynic: "Red Hat is the number one Linux company, but they haven't been interested in the Linux desktop for years. With the open-sourcing of SPICE (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environment), that's changing."