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IT Management Linux News for Dec 15, 2009

  • Red Hat Settles Five-Year-Old Shareholder Lawsuit (2009-12-15 23:02:29)
    Linux Planet: "Some lawsuits take longer than others to settle -- just ask Linux vendor Red Hat. Today, Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) announced that it had reached an agreement to settle a class-action lawsuit from some of its shareholders that started back in July 2004."

  • Terry Childs: Another Christmas in jail (2009-12-15 19:02:29)
    Infoworld: "Childs is still in jail, his bail is still set at a ridiculous $5 million, and he still hasn't had his day in court. It's been nearly 18 months since his arrest for refusing to hand over administrative passwords to San Francisco's city network."

  • Best Buy Caught in GPL Tussle (2009-12-15 18:02:29)
    Developer.com: "Retail giant is among 14 vendors sued over a GPL violation. Now how did Best Buy violate the GPL? "

  • Code Red: How software companies could screw up Obama‚Äôs health care reform. (2009-12-15 17:32:29)
    Washington Monthly: "Almost all experts agree that in order to begin to deal with these problems, the health care industry must step into the twenty-first century and become computerized. Astonishingly, twenty years after the digital revolution, only 1.5 percent of hospitals have integrated IT systems today..."

  • Recession's latest victim: U.S. innovation (2009-12-15 15:02:29)
    Money: "Patent filings fell in 2009 for the first time in 13 years, worrying Silicon Valley that it is losing its place as the leader in global innovation."

  • From the White House to (no kidding) Microsoft, open source shined in '09 (2009-12-15 14:02:29)
    Network World: "For open source and Linux, 2009 has been another year of big and surprising milestones, from the White House adopting open source technology to Microsoft submitting code for the Linux kernel."

  • Fedora, open source trademarks and FUD (2009-12-15 00:02:29)
    Netstat -vat: "Trademarks and open source have an interesting and often confusing relationship. The whole point of open source is freedom of code and usage."