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IT Management Linux News for Mar 01, 2010

  • Does Amazon's Tablet Future Lie With Microsoft? (2010-03-01 22:02:50)
    Tech Broiler: "Amazon is not going to participate in the Open Source community and is the antithesis of Google. It wants something closed but with a rich application environment. It wants its cake and to be able to eat it."

  • Microsoft Hoist by its Own Anti-Anti-Competitive Petard (2010-03-01 21:32:50)
    Open Enterprise: "...it created what was in effect a huge ticking time-bomb, just waiting to blow up in Microsoft's face. It has now exploded, as a recent posting on Microsoft's legal and policy site makes clear:"

  • Open Wi-Fi 'outlawed' in Digital Economy Bill (2010-03-01 12:32:50)
    ZDNet UK: "The government will not exempt universities, libraries and small businesses providing open Wi-Fi services from its Digital Economy Bill copyright crackdown, according to official advice released earlier this week."