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IT Management Linux News for Mar 16, 2010

  • Open source enables innovation without lawyers or fees (2010-03-16 21:32:17)
    Australian IT: "OPEN source software is seen by some as akin to religion. However, Ingres chief executive Roger Burkhardt insists he is not on a crusade to convert the Microsoft and Oracle faithful."

  • Find out the clients of your MySQL server (2010-03-16 21:02:17)
    Linux Admin Zone: "Sometimes in large deployments, there are cases when MySQL server, setup by you long time back which has been in use by multiple teams in your organization, needs some change or update or intrupption in its service and you are in need to know how many clients are there which connects to this server."

  • Installing GOsa2 on Red Hat / CentOS (rpm/yum based) (2010-03-16 20:32:17)
    Fogo na Caixa: "A mighty System-/Config-management frontend using LDAP as a backend. It is able to manage POSIX, Samba, Mail, Kolab, FAX, Asterisk and many more services."

  • Benchmark of Python Web Servers (2010-03-16 19:02:17)
    Nicholas Piël: "In this benchmark i will be looking at how different WSGI servers perform at exactly that task; the handling of a full HTTP request."

  • Google to pull out of China soon, reports say (2010-03-16 18:02:17)
    Computerworld UK: "Both Google and the Chinese government appear to be leaking word that the search firm may soon shutter its operations there as negotiations between the two break down."

  • How the Google-Microsoft conflict could hit open source (2010-03-16 17:32:17)
    ZDNet: "The continuing conflict between Google and China, which may be a proxy for deeper conflicts over economics and values, could easily impact open source."

  • QA with Matt Asay: How Linux is Beating Apple and Much More (2010-03-16 07:02:17)
    Linux Foundation: "Matt took some time recently to share his perspective with me on why Canonical can take Linux places Red Hat can't, how Linux beats Apple, and how the Ubuntu community's passion and focus on design will change the way people see Linux for a long time."