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IT Management Linux News for Mar 17, 2010

  • Get to Know MySQL Workbench (2010-03-17 23:32:52)
    Ghacks: "Although MySQL works exceptionally well from the command line (it's not as hard as one would think), having a solid GUI tool just opens the user up to learning more powerful tasks and getting more work done faster."

  • Thunderbird Secure Connections Using Postfix (2010-03-17 22:32:52)
    Postfix Mail: "One great alternative client is Thunderbird, Icedove if you are on Debian. Here is a step by step approach to setting up the Thunderbird client for TLS and SMTP AUTH."

  • IO Profiling of Applications: MPI Apps (2010-03-17 22:02:52)
    Linux Magazine: "In the last article we looked at using strace to examine the IO patterns of simple serial applications. In the High Performance Computing (HPC) world, applications use MPI (Message Passing Interface) to create parallel applications. This time around we discuss how to attack parallel applications using strace."

  • Regional Nagios Server Setup (2010-03-17 19:32:52)
    BeginLinux: "The major goal of the regional server is to distribute the results of all service checks to the central server. The regional Nagios machines must use OCSP and OCHP in order to send the proper updates to the central server."

  • Is Microsoft About to Declare Patent War on Linux? (2010-03-17 18:02:52)
    Open Enterprise: "...now the industry is in the process of sorting out what royalties will be for the software stack, which now represents the principal value proposition for smartphones."
    Really? So the value proposition is not in delivering features and services that customers want.--ed.

  • Are users right in rejecting security advice? (2010-03-17 16:32:52)
    TechRepublic: "Should you change your passwords often? What's the risk if you don't? Little did I know, listening to one podcast would cause me to rethink how I would answer those questions."

  • Understanding Samba security modes (2010-03-17 16:02:52)
    Ghacks: " If you have read any of the Samba content here on Ghacks you probably will have noticed that within the smb.conf configuration file a line that begins with security =. This is a very important part of Samba setup and generally the section that gives users the most problems"

  • Microsoft licensing Linux (2010-03-17 12:34:52)
    MyBroadband: "Proprietary giant is licensing open source to its partners. What is going on? "

  • Linux on the Cloud: IBM, Novell & Red Hat (2010-03-17 12:04:52)
    Cyber Cynic: "Today, Mar. 16, has been filled with Linux and cloud news — which is great, I guess, if you're ready to trust your data to the cloud."