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IT Management Linux News for Mar 24, 2010

  • Rackspace Cloud 'Drizzles' Into Open-Source Software (2010-03-24 23:32:17)
    ServerWatch: "As Oracle continues to shed the former open-source software personnel of Sun Microsystems, other companies are benefiting from the transition. Among those is cloud computing and hosting vendor Rackspace..."

  • Sharing Files & Folders Between Linux, Mac and Windows (2010-03-24 22:02:17)
    Linux.com: "In this article I am going to discuss ways in which you can have your Linux machine interacting with your co-workers' Mac and PC machines to keep you and your company working without a hitch."

  • Recession? What Recession? Red Hat Continues to Grow (2010-03-24 21:02:17)
    Linux Planet: "Linux vendor Red Hat will report its fiscal 2010 numbers today. Virtualization, cloud services, middleware, a big win on the Tokyo Stock Exchange-- is Red Hat's future as rosy as it appears?"

  • Windows' Boll Weevil problem (2010-03-24 20:32:17)
    Sure, it's Secure: "When your earnings depend on one fragile system--whether it's Windows running all your computers or one cash crop--you're always one devastating bug away from disaster."

  • IBM Deals With EU Complaint, Insider Trading Settlement (2010-03-24 19:02:17)
    Datamation: "It's going to be a very busy week in IBM's legal department. It has been accused of antitrust activities by a French software company and an executive caught in an insider trading scandal may be close to settling his case."

  • 75 Top Open Source Security Apps (2010-03-24 18:32:17)
    Datamation: "This year, we've once again updated our list of top open source security apps. While the list isn't exhaustive by any means, we tried to include many of the best tools in a variety of categories."

  • Evi Nemeth (an Ada Lovelace day tribute) (2010-03-24 16:32:17)
    LWN.net: "The chief of the Unix side was Evi Nemeth. The first thing that struck most people about Evi was a general sense of distraction and disorganization; it's only later that one realized the she was one of those smart people who make things happen."

  • How Much Is Novell's Linux OS Really Worth? (2010-03-24 16:02:17)
    ServerWatch: "Novell, the parent company of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, seems to have slapped a huge "For Sale!" sign on its front lawn. It's sad, but this famous enterprise OS maker may soon be little more than a mildly interesting footnote to history."

  • Building on a Linux brand (2010-03-24 15:32:17)
    IT Pro: "Red Hat is a perfect example of how open source firms need to trade on their reputation, not just their product."

  • Now what Novell? (2010-03-24 15:02:17)
    Cyber Cynic: "There's nothing like starting a technical conference, like Novell's BrainShare, off with a bang. Or, in this case telling Elliot Associates' unwelcome offer of not quite $2-billion for the company that Novell has no interest in selling out, not for that little anyway."

  • Virtual Control - Linux, VirtualBox and OS/2 or eComStation (2010-03-24 14:02:17)
    The ERACC Web Log: "This is part one of a two part article about a “real life” control system that is a candidate for moving to a VM on Linux. This control system is being used right now in a real manufacturing facility."

  • China Condemns Google's Censorship Gambit (2010-03-24 09:02:17)
    Datamation: "A Chinese official has blasted Google's decision to offer unfiltered Web content to its citizens on the mainland, calling the move "totally wrong" and saying it violates Google's written agreement to abide by Chinese laws."

  • Microsoft's Choice Screen Doubles Opera's Downloads (2010-03-24 05:02:17)
    Datamation: "Microsoft has only recently begun delivering its so-called "choice screen" for browser selection to consumers in Europe, but it's apparently already producing the hoped for effect, at least for one small browser maker."

  • Kiss your MySQL website goodbye (2010-03-24 01:32:17)
    Really Linux: "In this article Mark Rais offers beginning Linux web administrators some guidance with regard to proper back up and restore of a dynamic website to help prevent a catastrophic moment."