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IT Management Linux News for Mar 31, 2010

  • Linux / UNIX: Encrypt Backup Tape Using Tar & OpenSSL (2010-03-31 21:33:29)
    Cyberciti: "How do I make sure only authorized person access my backups stored on the tape drives (DAT, DLT, LTO-4 etc) under Linux or UNIX operating systems? How do I backup /array22/vol4/home/ to /dev/rmt/5mn or /dev/st0 in encrypted mode?"

  • Secure Your Server with Denyhosts (2010-03-31 19:33:29)
    Geekride: "DenyHosts is a tool i use to secure my SSH server from these type of people. Written in python, this tool serves as a very active security guard and helps me to keep my system safe from lots of prying eyes."

  • Linux and Small Business: The Ongoing Disconnect (2010-03-31 19:03:29)
    The VAR Guy: "While Red Hat, Novell, Canonical and other Linux distribution providers continue to gain momentum, most of the Linux chatter has very little to do with small business success. Consider the facts:"

  • User management with SSSD on shared Ubuntu Lucid laptops (2010-03-31 12:03:29)
    opinsys: "A few months ago we had a blog entry about shared and personal laptops in schools. The goal of shared laptops is basically that they should behave mostly like shared thin clients: it should not matter which a computer any user chooses to work with."

  • Oracle's Linux Server Slant (2010-03-31 11:03:29)
    Serverwatch: "Based on Oracle's recent actions, it seems the company is hell-bent on driving as many of its potential customers as possible away from the UNIX offerings it acquired from Sun and into the arms of Red Hat and other enterprise Linux vendors."

  • A Sys Admin's Guide to the Server OS of Your Dreams (2010-03-31 01:33:29)
    Serverwatch: "If you were to design your dream enterprise server OS from scratch, what would it be like?"

  • Italian Court OKs Preference for Open Source (2010-03-31 00:03:29)
    Open...: "Here's a big win for open source: the Italian Constitutional Court has approved a law in Piedmont giving preference to open source, ruling that it is not anti-competitive:"