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IT Management Linux News for Apr 15, 2010

  • IBM and the labors of TurboHercules (2010-04-15 23:04:36)
    LWN.net: "One need not agree with IBM's position to understand it. IBM understands well the power of commoditizing its competitors' proprietary technology - that's what its support for Linux is all about, in the end."

  • National Labor Committee report on Chinese CE factories uncovers deplorable conditions (2010-04-15 22:04:36)
    Engadget: "The report details some of what we've come to expect in stories of labor abuses -- near children, most of them women, working for 16 or 17 hours a day, living in nearly deplorable conditions, for less than a dollar an hour -- all so that the world's ever-growing need for / addiction to consumer electronics can be fed."

  • IBM: You Can't Control LInux, You Can Only Influence It. (2010-04-15 14:34:25)
    CIO Update: "10 years ago, IBM had a single mission for Linux: Make it better. Now in 2010, IBM (NYSE:IBM) has a decade of experience in working to do just that, and is sharing its knowledge about how companies and developers can better participate in the Linux community."

  • Linux: Strong and getting stronger (2010-04-15 02:04:25)
    CNet: "At the Linux Foundation's annual collaboration summit in San Francisco on Wednesday, Executive Director Jim Zemlin kicked off the event with some interesting perspectives on the state of the Linux marketplace today."