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IT Management Linux News for Apr 28, 2010

  • Microsoft's FUD goes mobile (2010-04-28 21:03:52)
    The Register: "But why does Microsoft make money from Google's software? Android is based on open source software - and Microsoft has long raised fears that aspects of Linux may infringe on its patents."

  • Google: Numbers favor Android over iPhone (2010-04-28 20:33:52)
    The Open Road: "And according to Google VP Andy Rubin, the more the search giant blankets the industry with competing Android-droid based mobile handsets, the more likely Google is to hit its expected value of market dominance over Apple's iPhone."

  • Microsoft says Android infringes its patents - HTC pays up. (2010-04-28 18:03:52)
    Engadget: "Microsoft believes that elements from both the user interface and the underlying operating system are in violation of its rights."

  • Linux on 4KB-sector disks: Practical advice (2010-04-28 17:33:52)
    IBM Developerworks: "Summary: Starting in December 2009, hard disk manufacturers began introducing disks that use 4096-byte sectors rather than the more common 512-byte sectors."

  • Novell claims to have hit 5,000 Linux app jackpot (2010-04-28 16:33:52)
    SiliconRepublic: "Network software giant Novell has claimed it is the first Linux vendor to achieve 5,000 certified ISV applications and has increased its Linux market share against Red Hat, according to IDC."

  • HTC Sells Out to Microsoft (Microsoft ‘Android Tax’) (2010-04-28 16:03:52)
    Tech Rights: "Summary: Microsoft's racketeering is formally reaching Android and Microsoft is extorting some more companies behind the scenes, based on its latest statements"

  • Terry Childs Found Guilty In SF Computer Tampering Trial (2010-04-28 15:03:52)
    SF Examiner: "A city employee who hoarded the pass code of a major San Francisco computer network was found guilty Tuesday of blocking city officials from access"

  • Red Hat Extends Linux Subscriptions to Cloud Computing (2010-04-28 14:03:52)
    ServerWatch: "Linux vendor Red Hat today is unveiling a new program dubbed Red Hat Cloud Access through which current Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers can leverage their existing support subscriptions for cloud deployments."

  • Oracle Makes Lustre Users Buy Hardware for Support (2010-04-28 13:03:52)
    Enterprise Storage Forum: "Lustre 1.8 and 2.0, which was just released as a beta, will remain open source and licensed under GPL 2.0. But beginning with the full release of Lustre 2.0, paid support will be limited to those purchasing Lustre bundled with Oracle hardware, and the company won't provide an upgrade path for 1.8 users who desire support."

  • EU Open Source Procurement Guidelines - make or break? (2010-04-28 10:33:00)
    Computerworld UK: "Public sector procurement is becoming a real battleground for open source in Europe. There have been few successes, but lots of groundwork has been laid in the form of interoperability frameworks and suchlike..."

  • Planning Best Virtualization Strategies for Your Enterprise (2010-04-28 07:33:52)
    Linux.com: "In this final installment, we'll cover some of the things you need to consider when planning to deploy your organization's best virtualization strategy."

  • Florida Hospital Takes Charge of Their Destiny with Drupal (2010-04-28 00:03:52)
    CMS Wire: "In August 2007, Florida hospital hired a "rock star" physician. With this hire, a series of events was triggered that would end up with Drupal (news, site) hosting over 125 department and team intranet sites, over 40 externally-facing marketing sites and a growing number of other applications."