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IT Management Linux News for Jul 06, 2010

  • Ubuntu Linux Set Iscsi Initiator (2010-07-06 23:33:50)
    nixCraft: "iSCSI is a network protocol standard that allows the use of the SCSI protocol over TCP/IP networks. How do I setup Iscsi Initiator under Ubuntu Linux?"

  • Two Node Planned Manual Failover for the MySQL Database Administrator (2010-07-06 20:33:50)
    Database Journal: "A database administrator needs to plan for both planned and unplanned failovers, based on business requirements and service level agreements with customers. This article runs through the very basic starting points of a MySQL failover strategy then walks through a two-node, planned, manual failover."

  • Easy Redirection of Sudo Output (2010-07-06 19:33:50)
    Serverwatch: "If you're using Sudo, you've probably already discovered that the increased privileges apply only to the first command typed and don't extend to any input or output redirection."

  • HP Preparing NetBooks Running Palm WebOS (2010-07-06 18:03:50)
    The VAR Guy: "Hewlett-Packard has completed the Palm acquisition. And if you read between the lines it sounds like HP will leverage Palm's technology for more than smart phones and tablet computers. Indeed, HP seems poised to deploy webOS on netbooks. Here are the details."

  • Switzerland – 0wn3d by Microsoft (2010-07-06 17:33:50)
    Jan Wildeboer: "The court has decided. A tender would be disruptive to the Microsoft-only world of the swiss public. One of five judges disagrees and mentions that this effectively means there is no alternative to Microsoft..."

  • How to Make an American Job Before It's Too Late: Andy Grove (2010-07-06 13:03:50)
    Bloomberg: "Bay Area unemployment is even higher than the 9.7 percent national average. Clearly, the great Silicon Valley innovation machine hasn't been creating many jobs of late -- unless you are counting Asia, where American technology companies have been adding jobs like mad for years."

  • How dumb is the government when it comes to technology? (2010-07-06 12:33:50)
    Cyber Cynic: "Then, I worked with numerous bright developers, network engineers and system administrators. Unfortunately, we often worked with federal staffers who were often, ah, clueless. Since then, things have only gotten worse. Much worse."