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IT Management Linux News for Aug 10, 2010

  • Google Agonizes on Privacy as Ad World Vaults Ahead (2010-08-10 23:06:43)
    Wall Street Journal: "A confidential, seven-page Google Inc. "vision statement" shows the information-age giant in a deep round of soul-searching over a basic question: How far should it go in profiting from its crown jewels—the vast trove of data it possesses about people's activities?"

  • Exit costs of lock-in: Anticipate or it's too late! (2010-08-10 22:36:43)
    LXer: "When discussing 'migration' costs from one platform or piece of software to another, I noted many people fail to understand the idea of 'exit costs'"

  • IPv6: The end of the Internet as we know it (and I feel fine) (2010-08-10 14:06:43)
    ZDNet Blogs: "Despite a solid foundation and compelling reasons to move to IPv6, which is a large enough address pool that we could easily give every person on earth their own block of addresses the size of the current IPv4 pool, we continued to use IPv4, because the idea that we could run out anytime soon was largely scoffed at by the industry at large."

  • Copyright assignment - Once bitten, twice shy (2010-08-10 07:38:11)
    The H Open: "Copyright denotes ownership of code, it is regarded as property and as such it can be bought, sold or assigned. This applies to all copyrighted material, and is a weakness in all free software licensing which is why the FSF has always recommended that the ownership of GPL code be assigned to the FSF."