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IT Management Linux News for Aug 25, 2010

  • Who dares using Windows in a critical environment? (2010-08-25 23:37:03)
    Technology FLOSS: "I just can't believe what my eyes just saw. You are telling me that a commercial plane... had Windows running on one of its central processing nodes?"

  • Set up an LDAP server on Fedora (2010-08-25 22:07:03)
    Ghacks: "There is a tool, 389 Directory Server, that helps you to get this up and running quickly and easily. In this article I am going to show you how to install and set up the 389 Directory Server."

  • Three things Microsoft need to do NOW to prove it loves open souce (2010-08-25 20:07:03)
    ZDNet: "Back in 2001 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Linux a "cancer" that threatened the company, but now the Redmond giant claims to "love open source." Well, actions speak louder than words."

  • Remote Administration with Linux (2010-08-25 19:07:03)
    Linux.com: "One of the great things about Linux is the variety of tools you can use to remotely administer your Linux desktop and server systems. From the command line to GUI tools, you can take control of it all right from the comfort of your very own desktop anywhere you happen to be."

  • Using ATA Over Ethernet (AoE) On Ubuntu 10.04 (Initiator And Target) (2010-08-25 16:37:03)
    Howtoforge: "This guide explains how you can set up an AoE target and an AoE initiator (client), both running Ubuntu 10.04. AoE stands for "ATA over Ethernet" and is a storage area network (SAN) protocol which allows AoE initiators to use storage devices on the (remote) AoE target using normal ethernet cabling."

  • The State of Open Source System Automation (2010-08-25 12:07:03)
    Linux Magazine: "The days of DIY system administration are rapidly coming to a close. Why? Because the open source tools available are just too good not to use. Presenting Bcfg2, Cfengine, Chef and Puppet."

  • Cut Costs by Using Linux Appliances for Branch Offices (2010-08-25 10:37:03)
    Dell.com: "I'm cheap. Given a choice between buying an elaborate, full-featured server requiring expensive technicians and administrators, versus turning an out-of-date PC into a single-purpose Linux server, I'm going to go with the Linux server every time."