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IT Management Linux News for Sep 04, 2010

  • Your Linux system keeps falling and it can't get up (2010-09-04 17:06:53)
    Stubborn Tech Problem Solving: "Once in a while a Linux PC technician will encounter a system that has problems with lockups (a.k.a. hanging or freezing). Sometimes it is failing hardware but other times it's a software problem. Here are the common causes for this and how to identify which is the source of your problems."

  • Weekend Project: Serve Up Your Own OpenID with Open Source Tools (2010-09-04 15:06:53)
    Linux.com: "Last weekend, we looked at how to enable your Web site to accept OpenID logins. But accepting OpenID authentication is only half of the issue — if you care about online privacy and identity, the chances are that you will want to control your own OpenID."