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IT Management Linux News for Mar 03, 2011

  • Building the Ultimate Linux Test Server, part 1 (2011-03-03 23:36:13)
    Linux Planet: "We're going to build a stout machine fit for testing server operating systems, that can be quickly re-configured and run whatever we throw on it. Follow along as Paul Ferrill walks us through the hardware, and then the software."

  • Qmail-Scanner With ClamAV And SpamAssassin On Ubuntu (2011-03-03 20:06:13)
    Howtoforge: "In continuation of my document http://www.howtoforge.com/qmail-openldap-on-ubuntu about setting up qmail-ldap on Ubuntu this document will help you to set up Qmail-Scanner with ClamAV antivirus and SpamAssassin spamfilter."

  • Exercise #6: Set Variables in Scripts (2011-03-03 19:06:13)
    Bashshell.net: "When you need to set variables, you can do that in the BEGIN section of an awk script. Here the variable firstuser is set to 1000. The BEGIN section sets that variable and it is then used later in the script."

  • Novell Tries to Beat Red Hat with Red Hat's Own Tech (2011-03-03 18:06:13)
    Linux Planet: "Novell is using open source technology from rival Linux server vendor Red Hat to help Red Hat users migrate to SUSE Linux."

  • What's Hot (and What's Not) for Servers (2011-03-03 17:36:13)
    ServerWatch: "A new survey by Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG) of Beaverton, Ore. reveals most IT managers and data center managers echo the sentiments of Rhett Butler at the end of "Gone with the Wind" when it comes to which server vendor they prefer: Frankly, they don't give a damn."