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IT Management Linux News for Jun 28, 2011

  • The Five Best Desktop Linux Distributions (2011-06-28 15:00:07)
    ZDnet: "After almost twenty years of working with Linux desktops, here's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols' pick of the litter.

  • Protecting Linux Against DoS/DDoS Attacks (2011-06-28 10:00:24)
    Security Blanket Technical Blog: "When I first heard ridiculous-sounding terms like smurf attack, fraggle attack, Tribal Flood Network (TFN), Trinoo, TFN2K, and stacheldraht, I didn't take them too seriously.."

  • Canonical Alienates Their Major Asset (2011-06-28 09:00:09)
    Blog of Helios: Editors Note: yeaah more Ubuntu bashing flamebait.

  • In defence of open source (2011-06-28 06:01:12)
    Tech Central: "Late last year, I was asked to audit some software that had been developed overseas and bought by a large SA company to launch a new consumer website. It all looked pretty straightforward, until I noticed a strange line in the code."