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PSCU: Vi Strain

Nov 28, 1999, 17:15 (16 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Eric Foster-Johnson)

"UNIX stores your system configuration in text files, much like the old Windows INI files. This means the text editor becomes your most important UNIX configuration tool, so it's essential that you learn the main UNIX text editor, vi."

"Alternately pronounced "vye" or "vee-eye," vi provides a full-screen text editor that, while it allows you to edit text, definitely has some quirks. Designed long ago, vi was one of the first text editors that used all the lines of text on a terminal display, called a full-screen editor in contrast to previous editors that only allowed you to view and modify a line at a time. While many might think vi is an example of 1970s retro technology, it still forms the editor available on just about every version of UNIX. (I would say every version, but I once worked on a system from Prime Computer that did not include vi.)"

"On all other UNIX systems, however, you may not find many other editors, but you should find vi."

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