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LinuxPR: Beginning Perl by Simon Cozens available now.

Jul 18, 2000, 13:16 (0 Talkback[s])

An immensely popular scripting language, Perl combines the best features of C, key UNIX utilities and a powerful use of regular expressions. Increasingly the system administrator's scripting language of choice, Perl can be used for file and directory manipulation, database access and a whole range of daily system operator chores. In spite of its popularity, however, it suffers from a negative image and a stereotype of unintelligible code. In Beginning Perl, Simon Cozens aims to dispel the unfair reputation of Perl as a confusing and obscure programming language by encouraging the creation of legible and sensible programs.

In fact Perl is an ideal language for the novice programmer to start with, allowing you to learn programming techniques and develop your own style of coding. Although you will find it easier if you have some basic programming experience, the material covered in this book can be mastered by anyone with a text editor, some common sense and a computer. If you want to find out how to program in Perl, and how far you can take it, Beginning Perl is the book to choose. To see just how easy it is to start writing Perl programs, check out chapter 5 'Regular Expressions' which is online at http://www.Devshed.com

To make it even easier for you to learn there is an online forum to supply author and peer support for the book at http://P2P.wrox.com, as well as email technical support.

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