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The Register: CPRM on hard drives - IBM takes a spin

Dec 26, 2000, 12:46 (14 Talkback[s])

"A squadron of heavily armed IBM spin bombers left their hilltop base at Almaden, Ca at the end of last week. Their destination - Vulture Central. Their mission - to disarm public outrage at the proposed inclusion of CPRM copy control mechanisms into hard disks. The bombers were loaded with a good-natured arsenal of flattery, non sequiters, and laser-guided hand waves."

"Normally we'd send such missives straight to the bit bucket, but on this occasion, they're worth airing. Not just because this is spin of a subtle quality that we rarely hear - although it is - but it gives the best clue yet of how the industry will attempt to massage public concern on the subject. And to be forewarned is to be forearmed, we reckon."

"Before we get stuck in, however, acquaint yourselves with the CPRM proposals at first hand. The T.13 committee makes documents freely downloadable, and the two you really want to read are the latest Content Protection of Recordable Media proposal and a 24-slide Presentation by the same author, Jeff Lotspiech of IBM's Almaden Lab, which gives a bird's eye view of the subject. Another useful document is an article in IBM Research's own house magazine Doh! [shouldn't that be Think - ed.] where CPRM's twin brother CPPM is discussed. This explains the mechanics of CPRM in layman's terms, but of how sophisticated the system is, and the challenge it presents to would-be hackers."

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