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LinuxPlanet: .comment: Why Windows Users Should Oppose the Settlement (and Other Notes)

Jan 09, 2002, 15:28 (22 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Dennis E. Powell)
"Yes, I'm going this week to hammer again at the proposed settlement in U.S. v. Microsoft. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is to remind you that the time is running out -- you must file comments you wish to make under the Tunney Act provisions of the case by January 26. The second is to point out something little noted: Even Windows users -- perhaps especially Windows users -- would benefit from a far stronger penalty than the puny one contemplated in the settlement as it stands.

Why address Windows users in a Linux column? Simple. From my email I learn that many readers use Linux at home, but work in Windows shops. Many of those are IT professionals who have sought unsuccessfully to insinuate Linux into at least part of the companies for which they work. I hope to arm those readers with the ordnance necessary to get their companies to take a stand, even in the form of an officially sanctioned comment or, better, in a reconsideration and comment by the CEO, COO, CTO, or whatever three-character character carries weight.

The argument I propose to employ embraces the entire political spectrum -- it's something that fits in nicely with anyone's philosophy of choice. In the vernacular, it's a "no brainer," except that "no brainers" are people who unquestioningly use whatever came on the machine, or who fall victim to the smooth talk of the Microsoft sales department. (If recently published internal Microsoft memorandums are legitimate, then my worst suspicions about the company are overly conservative -- Microsoft is truly reprehensible. I have several excellent books about reptiles here, but the Brian Valentine appears nowhere in any of them, apparently an oversight; then again, I like reptiles, but Valentine's words make my blood run cold. Send the National Geographic to sort it out.)"

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