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Release Digest: KDE, January 20, 2004

Jan 21, 2004, 05:00 (1 Talkback[s])

[Editor's Note: Due to the traffic slowdown on the KDE-announce mailing list, the KDE Release Digest will now source applications from the recently revamped kdde-apps.org. This will lead to a slight format change as this digests adjusts to the new information source. -BKP]

Konstruct 20040119

Updated KDE 3.2 version to KDE 3.2 RC 1, KDevelop 3.0 RC 1 and Quanta 3.2 RC 1.
Added amaroK, Filelight, imlib, KimDaba, Knights and KThemeManager.
Usual program updates.

"Updated KDE 3.1 version to KDevelop 3.0 RC 1, NoteEdit 2.4.1 and Quanta 3.2 RC 1...."

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KVisualBoyAdvance 0.2

"version 0.2

  • "new GUI tab in Options
  • "auto frame skip on/off
  • "set frame skip value
  • "throttle on/off
  • "set throttle value
  • "RTC support on/off
  • "YUV overlay settings
  • "intelligent handling of command line options..."

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hbasic 0.9.9h

"HBasic is an integrated development environment used to create, execute and debug programs with an BASIC style language. HBasic has object oriented features either in combination with precompiled C++ components (shared libraries) or class definitions (HBasic sourcecode). This also includes a version of inheritance. Database admin features for MySQL and PostgreSQL have been added in the last versions..."

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KVortaro 0.0.1

"KVortaro translates words from one language into another one. The word can be selected via different methods:

  1. "by selecting (highligthing) with the mouse-pointer (Left-Mouse-Button-Pressed and track)
  2. "by copying the word into the clipboard (Ctrl + C)
  3. "by klicking onto a word anywhere on the desktop (e.g. ALT + Right-Mouse button)

"A small windows pops-up close to the mouse-pointer and shows the translation.

"Included are dictionaries for Esperanto-German and English-German...."

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klicker 1.0

"A metronome program..."

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PiKdev 0.6.1


  • "New devices supported: 16F630, 16F676
  • "Command line parsed for projects
  • "Drag'n drop from Konqueror for projects
  • "Multiple projects allowed in the same directory
  • ".inc file can be part of projects
  • "autowrap lines supported in editor
  • "DOS EOL supported in editor
  • "Many minor improvements, bug fixes or security checks..."

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KPhone 4.0

"KPhone is a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) communication client for Linux. It has tons of features including voice, presence, instant messaging and video..."

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