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DistroWatch: Distributions, June 20, 2004

Jun 21, 2004, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

SAM Mini-Live-CD 0.2

"SAM Mini-Live-CD is a bootable mini CD containing a full desktop system in German and English languages, including programs like AbiWord, Gnumeric, GIMP, full Mozilla suite, multimedia applications, games and the complete Mandrake Control Centre..."

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Vine Linux 3.0 Beta

"The Vine Linux project is working on a next major release of Vine Linux, version 3.0. This is the distribution's first major release since October 2002; it includes many packages upgrades, including a move to GNOME 2.4..."

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Navyn OS 2004.06

"A lot of changes. Added AbiWord, Opera, ADSL support and neostrada, support for ISA soundcards and WIFI cards. Ideal for wardriving, with kismet, airsnort, p0f, amap, vmap, hping, thcrut. New sniffers: ethereal and ettercap..."

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Munjoy Linux 0.5.5

"Munjoy Linux 0.5.5 released. This release includes the proprietary NVIDIA drivers, UI theme and icon improvements, a new apt repository, and various other fixes..."

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tinysofa enterprise server 1.0-U2

"tinysofa enterprise server 1.0-U2 is now generally available. Update 2 features security updates, bug fixes and application enhancements..."

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Slackware Linux 10.0 RC 2

"This is Slackware 10.0 release candidate 2. Upgraded to mkinitrd-1.0.1; upgraded to syslinux-2.10; upgraded to quota-3.12; upgraded to epiphany-1.2.6; upgraded to epiphany-extensions-0.9.1..."

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CensorNet 3.3rc1

"Migrated to kernel 2.6.6, included support for SATA controllers (libata), and USB keyboards. Updated modutils package to suite new kernel. Included NTP client and server configurable through setup program..."

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Skolelinux 1.0

"Today, Debian-based Skolelinux reached v1.0 representing a milestone in the project. Behind the release are more than houndred developers, who have worked hard in the last three years..."

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