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Out of the Office

Dec 28, 2007, 23:30 (4 Talkback[s])
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By Brian Proffitt
Linux Today Readers

I am officially out of the office this week, though I have been pushing a little content through here and there to keep things timely. I wasn't planning on doing a column at all today, but something came up.

Namely, yes, I know there's a problem with LT going up and down like a yo-yo these past few days. No, we are not under some sort of sinister DDOS attack. There's some problem with our Apache server, and the techs that know how to fix it are also out of the office. The remaining techs have implemented a workaround that brings the server back up in about a minute, so please bear with us until we are back up to full staff.

As for the rest of the column, I thought I would leave it in your hands this week, gentle readers. My daughter recently did a report for school highlighting our family ancestry (England) and was fascinated by the Boxing Day holiday, where traditionally households give gifts to servants, or in some cases even switch places with them.

In the spirit of Boxing Day, let's hear from you in the talkbacks. Anything about Linux or open source or how evil Microsoft is. The floor is yours. All I ask is that the usual profanity/flaming rules remain in place.

How do you think patents will affect Linux? Or is it all BS? Will the coming of new notebooks based on Linux be the downfall of Windows? Just how badly does Vista function? And hey, how about the downfall of SCOX yesterday?

Plenty of topics, and I know there's plenty of opinions. So have at it, and enjoy your weekend. I'll be back online Jan. 2.