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Pundits, Employees on Sun's MySQL Acquisition

Jan 16, 2008, 23:30 (1 Talkback[s])

The Pervasive Datacenter: What Sun+MySQL Says About Open Source Business Models

"MySQL is the clear category leader in Open Source databases; it's the 'M' in the LAMP stack that also includes Linux, the Apache Web server, and the Python, Perl, and PHP scripting languages. And LAMP underpins a huge portion of the Open Source software world. As a result, MySQL--like JBoss before it was acquired by Red Hat--made a nice little business of selling support subscriptions for its software. Indeed, it was one of the more successful of the more-or-less pure standalone Open Source companies..."

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The Open Road: What Sun's Acquisition of MySQL Means for the Software Industry

"Sun has acquired MySQL for $1 billion in cash and options. That's now old news. The implications of the deal, however, have yet to be felt, but there are several key things that this deal means for open source.

"In no particular order:

  • Sun is directly competing with Red Hat to become the heart of the open-source business community. I've written before that either Red Hat with its operating system or MySQL with its database could become the center of an alternative ecosystem to the Proprietary Bloc (Oracle, Microsoft, IBM). With Sun at the helm of MySQL, MySQL just became a lot more credible in this role as it has cash to match its ambition..."

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eWeek: What to Make of Sun Buying MySQL

"The rumors had been flying for a while that MySQL was looking for a buyer and Sun Microsystems was interested in purchasing the open-source DBMS powerhouse. Why? Because Sun has wanted to offer its enterprise customers a compelling end-to-end software stack for their needs.

"It's a truism in enterprise-level software buying decisions that at the end of the day what matters isn't the operating system or any individual program. No, what determines who gets the big contract is either 1) who has the best DBMS for the company's purposes or 2) who has the best top-to-bottom software stack..."

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The VAR Guy: Five Questions Facing Sun's MySQL Acquisition

[ Thanks to The VAR Guy for this link. ]

"Sun Microsystems finally matters again. The company is buying MySQL, the open source database leader, for $1 billion. That's huge news for Sun, systems integrators and the open source community. But this new opportunity for Sun also includes five key challenges, according to The VAR Guy. Here's a look at those challenges, and how Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz (pictured) will need to address them.

"First, let's rewind a bit. A year ago, The VAR Guy told Schwartz to bet the company on open source applications..."

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Seeking Alpha: Buying MySQL Could Save Sun

"We knew that Sun (JAVA) has been lusting after a real software business in addition to Solaris. We knew that Sun "shares" -- that it digs open source, including Solaris and Java. And we knew that Sun had a love-hate relationship with Oracle (ORCL) and a hate-hate relationship with IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT).

"So toss this all in a big pot, put on simmer and you get a logical--if not three years too late--stew..."

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Research 2.0/Seeking Aplha: Sun Rains on the Open Source Software IPO Parade

"Some open source software [OSS] purists on the blogosphere--and some outright double-dipping conflicted for-profit OSS company executives--have been beating the drum for over a year about the upcoming parade of IPOs that we would see from the OSS movement. But reality happened, market forces intervened, Yahoo (YHOO) bought Zimbra, Citrix (CTXS) bought Xensource (paying way too much), and the OSS IPO marching band kept getting smaller and smaller. Wednesday Sun (JAVA) acquired MySQL, pulling the lead trombone of the OSS IPO parade, out of the line of march. The marching band is about to become a quintet..."

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SunMink: Swimming With Dolphins

"I've been part of the due diligence team and having seen all the data, I think this move is a great step for Sun, MySQL and the FOSS communities. For Sun, because it means we now have the ability to offer support on a full web operating system - OpenSolaris, Glassfish, MySQL, NetBeans and much more. For MySQL, because it means the next phase of growth can ride the proven global organisation Sun provides to delver support and other value to customers..."

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TheOpenForce: Sun + MySQL = Awesome

"Today we have 400 some MySQL employees gathered in Orlando for our all-company meeting that kicks off separate departmental meetings for Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Services etc. Although we've routinely had all-engineering meetings and sales kickoffs every year, this is the first time in a couple of years we've gathered the entire company.

"There's a tradition at these big meetings that there's always some kind of surprise..."

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