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Linux News for Mar 29, 1999

  • Sunday Times: Linux wins backing of computing giants (1999-03-29 21:32:29)
    "Linux has now been given the seal of approval from Intel, IBM and Dell, among others. If it starts to win a significant share of the desktop market ... I would not be surprised to see Microsoft port Office over to penguin power."

  • FairfaxIT: Showtime for Linux (1999-03-29 19:29:44)
    "THE German technology fair, CeBIT, was last week awash with Linux and open source. From wearable computers running Linux, to Linux Alley in the US pavilion and Cobalt's MicroQube Linux-based plug and play servers, the buzz was that OpenSource had arrived."

  • FairfaxIT: An invention to go gooey over (1999-03-29 19:28:08)
    "That piece was very well received, except that I got dozens of e-mails from all around the world, pointing out that I had made an error in the article. I said that the first graphical user interface (GUI) for Linux was Gnome, whereas that honour should go to an interface called KDE."

  • BW: Cygnus' Advanced Software Simulation Technology Instrumental in Sony PlayStation (1999-03-29 19:18:06)
    "From GNUPro Toolkit to eCos, the Embedded Cygnus Operating System, Cygnus' open source and royalty-free software benefits Linux..."

  • Reuters: Plugged-In: Microsoft makes Silicon Valley friends (1999-03-29 19:11:05)
    "This is the place where things are happening," said Larry Augustin, president of VA Research Inc. "Microsoft is saying maybe they need to be driving more innovation..."

  • Bruce Perens: Do We Need a New Evangelist? (1999-03-29 19:10:49)
    "Eric has been a very effective speaker for our cause, but the role of speaker also became leader, and that's why he's come in for a lot of criticism."

  • M2: New conference programs that dissect platforms, e-commerce and networking (1999-03-29 18:28:52)
    "...the "Linux Global Summit," produced in cooperation with Linux International and sponsored by Linus Hardware Solutions and Caldera, will explore the business potential of the Linux OS and features a keynote presentation by Linus Torvalds, founder of the Linux OS."

  • Business Wire: Vertex Announces Linux Support as Key Part of New NetWeave Release 1.06.02 (1999-03-29 18:28:47)
    "Linux has emerged as a powerful and robust platform for commercial computing."

  • PRNewswire: Linux and Microsoft Square Off in Chicago Next Month (1999-03-29 18:28:40)
    "COMDEX/Spring and WINDOWS WORLD Opens with a Bang on April 19 when Bill Gates Previews Windows 2000 and Linus Torvalds Keynotes the Linux Global Summit."

  • PRNewswire: New Dimension Software to Provide IOA/e Support for Linux (1999-03-29 18:28:30)
    "The Company's Enterprise Production Management Solution Brings Robust Production Control Capabilities to Internet and E-Commerce Environments with Control-M Support for Linux."

  • Business Wire: Synopsys VCS Simulator to Support Linux OS; (1999-03-29 18:28:19)
    "Synopsys Responds to Growing Demand for Popular Operating System"

  • PRNewswire: Web Developers Lining Up to Join the Cult ... (1999-03-29 18:28:13)
    "Cult3D's NEW Multi-Platform 3D Object Rendering Engine Now Available"

  • InfoWorld: Microsoft and Sun to meet on Java lawsuit (1999-03-29 17:56:53)
    "Sun accuses Microsoft of "polluting" its Java technology in order to compromise the technology's capability to create programs that run on any OS."

  • PCWeek: Dell to preinstall Linux on PCs (1999-03-29 17:56:46)
    "Dell Computer Corp. is gearing up to offer Linux as a factory-installed operating system option across its line of desktops, workstations and servers."

  • Reuters: Microsoft Splits Into Five Groups In Reorganization (1999-03-29 17:49:12)
    "This new structure is part of the reinvention of Microsoft," Ballmer said in a statement."

  • ZDTV: Linux for Macintosh (1999-03-29 17:37:15)
    "In spite of the proprietary nature of the Mac, it's quite possible to run Linux on nearly any Power Macintosh or clone."

  • AbiSource: Replacing ESR is the Wrong Goal (1999-03-29 15:22:27)
    The President of AbiSource, Eric W. Sink, says, "So, Eric wants to step down, and he's seeking a replacement. His memo offers a list of qualifications which any would-be leader should read carefully. In fact, I agree with his list -- to be a leader in Open Source, you'll need most or all of the attributes he mentions. However, the list actually looks like a list of his qualifications, presumably predicated on the notion that the best replacement for ESR would actually involve human cloning. Insofar as this is true, and sprinkled with a little humor, I'd like to offer a few qualifications that I think he missed."

  • PC Magazine says Red Hat Linux Deluxe #8 in Top Selling Retail Software (1999-03-29 14:33:22)
    Marty writes: Just received my PC Magazine in the mail. And on page 10 of the magazine, they show the top 10 pieces of software sold by volume. According to their source, PC Data for January 1999, Red Hat Linux Deluxe was Number 8.

  • gEDA version 19990327 released (1999-03-29 12:41:50)
    "gEDA is a collection of tools which are used for electrical circuit design, simulation and prototyping/production. The gEDA project was started because of the lack of free EDA tools for UNIX. The tools are being developed mainly on GNU/Linux machines, but considerable effort is being made to make sure that gEDA runs on other UNIX variants."

  • National Infrastructure Protection Center: Computer Virus Alert (1999-03-29 12:40:11)
    The United States Federal Government is getting involved with this "Melissa" virus that is plaguing Microsoft products.

  • Open Source Wins Presidential Election in 2000 (1999-03-29 12:29:25)
    "Open Source wins the 2000 election hands down. Of 14 possible candidates, 11 are running some form of the Apache web server. Only 2 run non-Unix operating systems; both Liz Dole's and Dan Quayle's run Windows"

  • ZDTV: Cobalt Qube 2 (1999-03-29 11:52:47)
    Review of Cobalt Networks' Qube 2, Linux-based small office network server.

  • LinuxPower: Open Source software causing more harm than good (1999-03-29 11:52:26)
    "Open Source software, what a beautiful name, it truly captures the essence of free software. It sort of explains itself without needing a free beer, free speech add-on and it feels fresh and exciting. Or so it seemed to me and probably a lot of others when Eric Raymond started the Open Source Initiative."

  • Red Hat and Metrowerks Deliver Mainstream Development Tools for Linux (1999-03-29 11:25:49)
    "Red Hat® Software, Inc., the leading provider of Linux software and expertise, and Metrowerks, Inc., (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE:MWK), a leading supplier of software development tools for telecom, desktop, embedded systems, and consumer electronics announced today that CodeWarrior® software development tools have been ported to the Red Hat Linux operating system. This agreement to bring commercial development tools to Linux is the latest in a series of applications that enhance the viability of the Linux OS."

  • CNET News.com: Sony Taps Linux For Playstation Development (1999-03-29 10:07:50)
    "Sony has tapped the Linux operating system for use in a simulation that will help developers come up with games for its next-generation PlayStation more quickly."

  • Salon Magazine: Slate slags Linux (1999-03-29 10:04:23)
    "Now that every other publication in the media universe has chimed in with its two bits about Linux, the operating system that just won't shut up, along comes Slate."

  • Digital Diversity (1999-03-29 08:41:56)
    Paul Ferris notes: "The problems caused the past few days by the Melissa virus have served to punctuate another issue relating to software monopolies. It centralizes around everyone owning exactly the same software, and how that homogeny relates to network security. The problem: There is weakness in a network built upon homogeneous proprietary software."

  • Linux kernel 2.2.5ac1 released (1999-03-29 08:24:19)

  • Linux kernel 2.2.5 released (1999-03-29 08:21:26)

  • CNET News.com: Easing browser interface development (1999-03-29 01:05:02)
    "Browser engineers are cooking up a new way to create user interfaces that could have broad ramifications for application programming."