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Linux News for Apr 28, 2000

  • PC Week: 'Remedy,' not 'punishment,' is the goal (2000-04-28 23:46:45)
    "Dispute is already arising about the nature of the Department of Justice's recommendations in the Microsoft antitrust case. That dispute would disappear if people stopped talking about 'punishment' and instead focused on 'remedy' as the goal."

  • US DOJ: Plaintiffs' Proposed Final Judgment [US v. MS] (2000-04-28 22:57:24)
    Full text of the legal document in PDF format.

  • EE Times: Intel backs Chinese Linux (2000-04-28 22:12:09)
    "Ministry of Information Industry officials said they have closely monitored Linux's progress in China. Besides sponsoring a series of Linux-related events in China, the ministry also has been very active in unifying international standards for Linux."

  • Wired: RIAA Wins Suit Against MP3.com (2000-04-28 21:36:39)
    "When a responsible system like my.mp3.com which requires people to buy the CDs before they can listen to the music is potentially halted, that leaves a vacuum for other services like Napster and Gnutella, which don't protect artists, to flourish."

  • InfoWorld: Government recommends Microsoft breakup (2000-04-28 21:29:19)
    "You'll see them fight the breakup through the judge's decision this summer, and when push comes to shove, you will see them capitulate and try to become heroes."

  • Apache 2.0alpha3 Released (2000-04-28 21:17:14)
    "This should be considered a ``developers version'' including only the source and no pre-compiled binaries. It is anticipated that a binary-release will be available for the first beta release."

  • Forbes: Breakup Could Help Innovation--Microsoft's (2000-04-28 21:12:33)
    "...a breakup could prompt Microsoft to revive its own creative spirit--something that's been lacking since the introduction of Windows 95. You don't need a degree in computer science to know that the latest version of Windows 98 is nothing more than a tuned-up version of the operating system that hit stores five years ago."

  • InternetNews.com/Reuters: U.S. Asks Court to Split Microsoft (2000-04-28 21:05:37)
    "The government proposal would separate Microsoft's dominant Windows operating system business from software applications like word processing, spreadsheets and control of the Web browser."

  • CNET News.com: New Netpliance has same 'problem' as old (2000-04-28 21:00:56)

  • CNN.com: U.S. proposes MSFT split (2000-04-28 20:54:05)
    "The Justice Department and a group of state attorneys general asked a federal court Friday to split Microsoft into two separate companies to stem the software giant's anti-competitive behavior."

  • InfoWorld: Make sure that those back doors stay locked by using Linux-based... [pmfirewall] (2000-04-28 20:50:26)
    "Pmfirewall uses but doesn't replace ipchains. It simply relieves you of the tedious task of writing up the ipchains' firewall rules manually."

  • ZDNet UK: Linux shakeout predicted (2000-04-28 20:40:12)
    "These developments are likely to make IT buying decisions tougher for those companies considering Linux strategies."

  • CNET News.com: Government to judge: Break up Microsoft (2000-04-28 20:38:43)
    "The Justice Department and 19 states today asked a federal judge to break Microsoft into two pieces to prevent the company from further abusing its monopoly position in the software market."

  • Linux Journal: Shell Functions and Path Variables, Part 3 (2000-04-28 20:25:26)
    "UNIX can present a bewildering array of tools and techniques, and it's almost impossible for any individual to be intimately familiar with all of them. In my experience, the best developers carry around a large bag of simple but useful techniques and are able to combine them rapidly into a working solution."

  • European Unix Platform: Rock Linux: Not for woozies! (2000-04-28 20:10:11)
    "When asked by someone what the particular advantage of this distribution was he pointedly replied: 'It is more difficult to install'. Obviously, after such a sales pitch, I could not resist checking out this new distribution."

  • 32BitsOnline: 100 Percent Increase Forecast For Thin Clients (2000-04-28 19:50:02)
    "Reality Research cites several reasons for the anticipated growth in the thin client market. First among these is the 'explosion' of the application service provider (ASP) market"

  • LinuxPR: CollabWare Corporation Hires Jeff Jones as Vice President and Chief Fi (2000-04-28 19:27:46)
    "One of Jones' primary goals at CollabWare will be to support corporate development goals by evaluating and recommending financial strategies for acquisitions."

  • CCN: Speedware Announces Second Quarter Results (2000-04-28 19:08:02)
    "Speedware also announced that its Visionyze.com division would be developing an open source version of its Hybrid Online ApplicationProcessing (OLAP) technology on a Linux platform. ...making this technology available to the developer community as an open source OLAP product..."

  • LinuxPR: Linux Network Secures $2 Million In Investment Funding (2000-04-28 18:59:17)
    "...from private investor the Canopy Group. To date, Linux NetworX and its parent company Alta Technology have raised more than $5 million to help develop additional cluster technology and services, acquire products, form strategic partnerships and extend market penetration."

  • PRNewswire: Metro Link to Present at Linux Business Show 2000 (2000-04-28 18:44:45)
    "Metro Link, Inc., a leading provider of graphical display technology for Linux operating systems, has announced that it is a sponsoring vendor for the Linux Business Show 2000 on April 29..."

  • BW: OnCore Systems Transcends Embedded Linux Barriers... (2000-04-28 18:38:45)
    "...the OnCore Systems Software Foundation... has the capability to load a 100% pure version of Linux into an embedded environment and still run real-time applications in concert with Linux applications."

  • BW: eOn Communications Selects Dialogic Technology for Linux-based Communications Solutions (2000-04-28 18:33:27)
    "Intel and its Dialogic subsidiary today announced it has signed a letter of intent with eOn Communications Corporation (www.eoncc.com) in which the two companies plan to work together to develop advanced Linux-based solutions for the communications market segment."

  • BW: On RadioWallStreet.com: the Linux League Friday Edition (2000-04-28 18:27:33)
    "...Francis Gaskins, will host a panel of guests to review Linux trends... joining Mr. Gaskins today will be Tom Adelstein, CIO for Bynari, Inc., a global Linux consulting firm, and Gary Lawrence Murphy, CEO of TCI, an Internet and open source consulting company founded in 1983."

  • NewsBytes: EU To Copy US Crypto "Open Export" Rules (2000-04-28 18:22:06)
    "Earlier this month, eSoft announced it had started shipping 168-bit encryption versions of its Linux-based firewall and virtual private network (VPNP) systems."

  • PRNewswire: ELSA's New GLADIAC Accelerator in Stores This Weekend (2000-04-28 18:15:27)
    "The retail version of GLADIAC will be standard with 32MB of DDR memory... and Linux drivers as well as ELSA's suite of desktop utilities and a software DVD player."

  • ABCNews.com: Eazel Does It (2000-04-28 18:11:45)
    "A powerful team of original Macintosh programmers behind this Silicon Valley startup is betting you'll soon be running their new friendly version of Linux both at work and from the kitchen."

  • PRNewswire: Mosaic Technologies Corporation and Khyber Pass Sign Marketing & Distribution Agreement (2000-04-28 18:04:16)
    "Products that teach the use of Linux and the popular educational tool WebCT are sure to be popular. Mosaic has proven to be a pioneer and we are glad to join them."

  • InfoWorld: Inprise seeks advice on Corel merger terms (2000-04-28 17:43:31)
    "Inprise/Borland's board of directors has requested Broadview International, which also advised the company in February, to update its opinion on the fairness of the transaction terms, from a financial point of view, to Inprise/Borland shareholders, the software development tools maker said in a statement."

  • DevShed.com: Building an E-Commerce Site Part 1: Building a Product Catalog (2000-04-28 17:28:04)
    "This guide is meant to show you how to build a basic online store complete with (1) a product catalog, (2) user accounts for customers, and (3) the ability for your customers to order products from your catalog."

  • SJ Mercury: Would Microsoft's parts be more or less valuable than the whole? (2000-04-28 17:18:53)
    "...Microsoft has profited so handsomely partly because of its monopoly status in the operating system market, at least if you accept the argument of the Justice Department. 'If the Justice Department is right,' Berk says, 'then I'd have to believe that dividing up the company makes the total package worth less.' "

  • Linuxcare: App of the Week: gkrellm (2000-04-28 16:34:31)
    "...gkrellm essentially gives you... the kind of information that would normally require a barrage of commands. It gives me the time and date; graphs for CPU activity, process load, disk I/O activity, and eth0 traffic; available resource meters for memory, swap, and disk partitions; the number of new emails in my inbox; and my system's uptime."

  • LinuxMall.com: TeamLinux Announces Draft Picks (2000-04-28 16:23:09)
    "The All-Linux All-Star team is ready to take the field. TeamLinux Corp., a professional services company that uses Open Source and Linux technology to enable its business solutions, acquired its fourth company in the four weeks since its inception in late March."

  • CNET News.com: IBM switches support to Microsoft-backed Web standard [SOAP] (2000-04-28 16:11:59)
    "When the software giant unveiled the technology in October, IBM executives said SOAP too closely favored Microsoft technologies over industry standards. ... Microsoft yesterday released an updated version of SOAP that included the work of IBM and its subsidiary Lotus Development."

  • SJ Mercury: Microsoft breakup could boost [silicon] valley firms (2000-04-28 15:53:35)
    "Ideally, the applications company would see the Linux operating system market as an attractive opportunity for Microsoft Office," said Gassee. "That would make Linux a more viable operating system..."

  • The Register: Inprise to investigate 'fairness' of Corel takeover (2000-04-28 15:41:22)
    "Of course, Inprise is being sued by a gang of shareholders who feel the original deal undervalues their shares, so the Broadview plan could be as much about pacifying them as winning better terms from Corel - just as Corel's cash-flow warning could be simply a manoeuvre to get its own shareholders behind the deal."

  • Linux.com: The Death Penalty [for MS] (2000-04-28 15:29:21)
    "Forget breaking up this company. Render it to raw materials. Seize its assets, hold it in trust for its employees and shareholders and sell it off, using the proceeds to fund the development of free software."

  • CNET News.com: DOJ, states expected to propose Microsoft breakup today (2000-04-28 14:44:06)
    "The proposal, which is expected after the market closes [today]... moves the Microsoft trial into its final stage..."

  • allNetDevices: Windows CE Market Penetration Evaporated Before Pocket PC Release (2000-04-28 14:30:01)
    "Retail sales of Windows CE-based handhelds all but disappeared prior to this month's release of Microsoft's next-generation Pocket PC devices, according to a study by NPD Intelect."

  • NY Times: First Amendment Lawyer Takes on Movie Studios in DVD Case (2000-04-28 14:15:41)
    "Eight major movie studios are asking a federal judge to order a Web publisher to stop linking to hundreds of sites carrying a piece of software that they say threatens their industry. Martin Garbus is determined to stop them."

  • LinuxPlanet: Word to the Wise... Applix Words 5: VistaSource Makes an Aggressive Move (2000-04-28 13:51:23)
    "...Applix has produced an outstanding all-around word processor. The smooth and responsive performance, coupled with integration with the GNOME desktop, a respectable featureset, and good online documentation are a sure indicator that VistaSource has a good start as they move more aggressively into the Linux space."

  • The Register: French 'spy agent' paranoia fuels Open Source law moves (2000-04-28 13:31:06)
    "There can be little doubt that the real concern must be national security, and that the government wants no replay of the exposé when the Direction Générale de la Securité Exterieure (DGSE) was caught planting industrial spies in the European branches of IBM, Texas Instruments and other US electronics companies."

  • CNET News.com: Inprise has Corel offer evaluated for "fairness" (2000-04-28 13:23:31)
    "The companies said the merger was designed to expand their ability to develop and sell Linux, a computer operating system that competes with Microsoft's Windows software."

  • The Guardian: Free but not easy (Richard Stallman interview) (2000-04-28 11:45:58)
    "All published software should be free software. Everyone should have the freedom to study it, to change it, and to redistribute it. The outcome depends on many people: it's up to the public to choose freedom or not."

  • Ottawa Citizen: Inprise shareholders grill CFO about Corel merger (2000-04-28 11:04:41)
    "Investors of Inprise/Borland Corp. took little comfort in the company's much improved first-quarter financial results yesterday, focusing instead on the impending merger with Corel Corp."

  • dbusiness.com: TeamLinux buys Three-Sixteen (2000-04-28 10:56:36)
    "Target customers are mid-size companies that are moving into e-commerce and need to integrate that into the computer systems they already have. Linux is one way to link those systems together, but it's not the only way, TeamLinux vice president of marketing Terry MacEwen said."

  • LinuxPR: Lazarus trying to beat Kylix to the punch! (2000-04-28 07:26:27)
    "Lazarus the open source answer to Borland Delphi has released version 0.5 of it's IDE."

  • LinuxPR: Donovan accelerates expansion with appointment of new Vice President of Sales & Marketing (2000-04-28 07:24:52)
    "Donovan Systems, a premier developer of 64-bit Linux systems, has appointed David Wee as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing."

  • LinuxPR: Linux@work Paris, May 16--call for participation. (2000-04-28 07:22:29)
    "Real Solutions for putting Linux to work in Business. Free conference & exhibits."

  • Linuxcare: How to Replace Windows NT with Linux (2000-04-28 07:01:56)
    "Most IT managers already understand the "why" of Linux and Open Source, and many are considering adopting Linux. Microsoft Windows NT network administrators are now facing a forced migration to Windows 2000. For many, however, a migration to Linux makes more sense. Careful planning is needed, however, in order to manage such a migration responsibly. How costly will such a migration be? How difficult? How time consuming?"

  • Linuxcare: A User's View: Dear Diary: System Log Book (2000-04-28 06:52:33)
    "Lulled into inaction by the reliability of today's hardware, we all drop the ball on protecting ourselves. It was with these facts in mind that I recently put together a project to document my systems. I started with any administrator's best friend: a system log book."

  • osOpinion: Help Microsoft Combat Software Piracy (2000-04-28 06:41:11)
    "Everyone I meet who can not show me a "Certificate of Authenticity" for their software will receive an offer of help for installing Linux or appropriate open source software on their system."

  • osOpinion: Bugs and the UCITA (2000-04-28 06:27:38)
    "Bugs have not killed anyone yet, but it's only a matter of time. In October of 1998, the USS Yorktown was immobilized for four hours after Windows NT crashed. If that had happened in a war zone, American lives could easily have been lost."

  • osOpinion: The Obligatory Microsoft Article (2000-04-28 06:20:56)
    "Instead, I believe I have a solution so brilliant, so simple and so effective it's a surprise nobody else has thought of it yet: put RMS in charge."

  • Kernel Cousin Samba #20 By Peter Samuelson (2000-04-28 06:11:36)
    Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.

  • Netcraft Survey for April released (2000-04-28 06:07:34)
    "At this rate, Apache will pass three times the market share of the next most popular web server in two to three months."

  • Response to Philips [USB webcams] NDA post (2000-04-28 06:04:33)
    "As a response to the NDA post we'd like to release both the driver and the source to the public, and see what the community can come up with."

  • Freshmeat.net: Lilo (2000-04-28 05:57:19)
    "The 1024-cylinder limit has been removed by a patch that uses the EDD bios extensions and supports up to 2 TB disks."

  • USA Today: Questions haunt Microsoft's future (2000-04-28 05:53:36)
    "Here's how Justice reasons it, according to people close to the case. The applications company, no longer married to Windows, would want to sell to the broadest market possible."

  • SJ Mercury: Microsoft's Ballmer won't consider possibility of break (2000-04-28 05:47:23)
    "Simply put, the technology users of the world need Microsoft, because it takes a company of this size, talent, direction, patience and deep pockets to solve some kinds of problems and invent some kinds of products."

  • SJ Mercury/Reuters: Microsoft break-up plan sparks shareholder debate (2000-04-28 05:41:23)
    "Splintering off applications from the operating system would allow both units to tap new markets neither dared to explore before, such as writing software for the upstart Linux platform."

  • Salon: After the fall [VA Linux and Red Hat stock slump] (2000-04-28 04:28:03)
    "Red Hat's IPO was widely considered a validation of the commercial potential of Linux. But its stock price slide is now hailed as proof that there is no money to be made in the entire Linux sector."

  • WideOpen News: In Bed with Embedded (2000-04-28 04:13:05)
    "The news is unsurprising, but it does reflect an active shift in the marketplace from traditional servers, devices, and operating systems to their equivalents -- an area where Linux is already well-positioned."

  • CNET News.com: Andover.Net matches analyst expectations (2000-04-28 03:44:50)
    "The company, which is being acquired by hardware maker VA Linux Systems, had revenues of $2.8 million for the quarter ended March 31 and a net loss of $3.4 million."