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Linux News for Jun 29, 2000

  • BSD Today: Installing OpenBSD 2.7 (2000-06-29 23:23:10)
    "As far as OpenBSD goes, the developers pride themselves on the ability to "emphasize portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography." OpenBSD does an excellent job at this."

  • Inter@ctive Week: Dogging Unix (2000-06-29 23:17:33)
    "Microsoft, by adopting an existing Unix standard, had found a formula for replacing some Unix servers with Windows 2000 servers."

  • PC Magazine UK: Operating Systems [Review] (2000-06-29 22:54:51)
    "We've awarded our Editors' Choice jointly to the three Microsoft operating systems reviewed here...In many respects, they're not as powerful as Linux, but they do offer a better solution for the productivity needs of most businesses."

  • CRN: PC Expo Embraces Linux (2000-06-29 22:24:34)
    "Compaq representative Doug Emmons discussed Web sites and technical support programs the vendor put in place to help its solution providers unearth opportunities in the Linux space. "We've gotten 40 million hits and 40,000 registrants on our site already."

  • LinuxWorld: Small is big - Embedded Linux poised for greatness (2000-06-29 21:29:38)
    "Attendees of the small but sold-out one-day event (240 at the conference and at least 500 at the expo) were clearly not the Linux faithful who wistfully wonder whether you can make money with open source. They were from a burgeoning industry sector, and were dead serious about learning how they could use open source to build products and make money."

  • Apache Today: Securing Your Web Pages with Apache (2000-06-29 20:47:57)
    "Chances are that your Web site has at least a few pages that you really don't want published to the Internet at large. How do you keep the Black Hats from seeing them, whilst not impeding the access of the White Hats that need the pages?"

  • Security Portal: Creating and Preventing Backdoors in UNIX Systems (2000-06-29 20:31:04)
    "In UNIX....there are hundreds of hiding places to put your backdoors and trojans in. The best way to defend against them is to reduce the complexity of the system."

  • ClusterCompute.com: A cheap 10 node Beowulf cluster (2000-06-29 20:07:45)
    "This is a bit of documentation on how to put together a very low cost and extremely compact beowulf cluster. We needed a beast like that for one of our internal pet research projects, so we decided to see how cheap and how compact we could make the thing."

  • LinuxPR: Lutris Technologies Joins The Open Group (2000-06-29 19:59:16)
    "Sponsor of Enhydra Java/XML Open Source Application Server to Participate in Industry-influencing Security Program Group Projects."

  • NewsTraders: Red Hat COO Buckley, Others Looking To Pare Holdings (2000-06-29 19:58:25)
    "Red Hat Inc. (RHAT) Chief Operating Officer Timothy Buckley plans to sell 100,000 shares of the open source software developer..."

  • LinuxPR: A new Big Band takes on "Big Information" (2000-06-29 19:56:47)
    "The "Jazz" platform is a Java-based zooming user interface (ZUI) development toolkit. Applications implemented in Jazz can easily zoom, pan, and transform graphical and text objects organized into a scenegraph of hierarchical cameras, nodes and objects."

  • IW: AbriaSoft Announces Its First MySQL Database Software Distribution For The Open Source Market (2000-06-29 19:50:17)
    "Abria MySQL Lite significantly reduces the cumbersome process of installing and configuring MySQL and Apache into a quick installation of less than ten minutes. Abria MySQL Lite offers an integrated, turnkey install of RedHat Package Modules (RPMs) for MySQL 3.22, Apache Web Server, PHP3 and Perl."

  • Reuters: IBM files to sell $2.6 million Red Hat shares (2000-06-29 19:41:28)
    "The document showed that IBM, the world's largest computer maker, already sold 180,000 shares of Red Hat worth $10 million in late March."

  • IW: Tucows Launches The Internet's First Official BSD Download Site (2000-06-29 19:36:23)
    "...the latest addition to its network of software distribution sites. Located at bsd.tucows.com or through www.tucows.com, the site is the first to support all of the OpenSource BSD titles."

  • Linux Magazine: Top Tech Support Questions (2000-06-29 19:34:50)
    "I've heard a lot about the Mozilla browser and would like to use it instead of Netscape Communicator. How do I move all of my e-mail, addresses, and bookmarks?"

  • LinuxDevices.com: MiniGUI project founder joins Bluepoint Linux R&D Center (2000-06-29 19:30:42)
    "Under the Wei's direction, the Bluepoint Beijing Research and Development Center is developing an embedded Internet browser and an embedded graphical user interface library."

  • BW: Learning Tree to Release 'Linux: A Hands-On Introduction' (2000-06-29 19:23:02)
    "...a new course focusing on how to use Linux to establish a productive desktop environment. This four-day course will provide extensive hands-on experience using desktop tools, downloading software from the Web, creating multimedia content for documents and performing key system administration tasks using graphical tools."

  • PRNewswire: Spyglass to Deliver Internet Enabling Technology for TiVo's Personal TV Service (2000-06-29 19:17:36)
    "Spyglass Professional Services, a strategic Internet consulting group focused on planning, designing and implementing Internet solutions for interactive television, will work to port Spyglass Device Mosaic to the Linux operating system and assist in the integration of the technology with TiVo's Linux-based platform."

  • ZDTV: Linux: The Power of the Penguin (2000-06-29 19:09:16)
    "Thursday's keynote at PC Expo had Mak Bolzern, founder of Linux Mall, and Jon "Maddog" Hall (executive director of Linux International) extolling the virtues of "penguin power"..."

  • BW: TheLinuxStore.com Pairs with LinuxSolve to Resell Industry's First Secure Server Appliances... (2000-06-29 18:56:56)
    "...to market, promote and resell LinuxSolve's line of Linux-based server applications, running firewalls/gateways, email, file, print and web server applications all managed via its browser-based tools through mid-2001."

  • Red Hat Bug Fix Advisory: New textutils package available (2000-06-29 18:56:21)
    "With textutils-2.0a-2, sort -n doesn't work properly. Some locale information may also be ignored."

  • SJ Mercury: Ellison defends snooping on Microsoft as 'public service' (2000-06-29 18:32:42)
    ``We're helping Microsoft with its full disclosure problem,'' said Ellison, who said Oracle's investigation was a ``civic duty."

  • CNET News.com: Opera Software puts its browser update onstage (2000-06-29 18:14:23)
    "Opera... spent a year and a half building it, rewriting crucial parts of the code from scratch... to make the browser more useful in a world increasingly populated by non-PC browsing devices and Web pages written to accommodate them."

  • VNU Net: Startup [Moonlight Systems] to charge for Linux applications (2000-06-29 17:35:01)
    "Stacey Quandt, an analyst at Giga Information Group, said Moonlight's revenue model is "questionable" and "goes against the grain of the whole open source movement."

  • VNU Net: Progress to distribute open source database (2000-06-29 16:50:31)
    "Progress Software has set up a unit called Nusphere to distribute the open source MySQL database. Nusphere will operate as part of the database tools company and will sell support services for MySQL."

  • AsiaBizTech: ISA to Market Small Linux-Mounted CPU Board (2000-06-29 16:29:43)
    "The board uses Embedded Linux as its standard OS. Its kernel section uses about 700KB. And it has a 16-bit bus connector exclusively for its extension board. ISA said its power voltage is 5V D.C."

  • GNULinux.com: Weathering Stormix (2000-06-29 15:55:34)
    "This is not so much a review of the distribution as it is a review of our experience. We encountered a few bumps along the way and in the end decided to scrap the install. But, we still think Storm Linux is worth checking out."

  • Corel.com: Corel Photo-Paint for Linux: [Free] Download Now Available! (2000-06-29 15:42:10)
    "Combining graphics software expertise with revolutionary Linux innovations..."

  • Trolltech.com: Qt Designer: ...Cross-platform GUI Builder for the Qt Application Framework (2000-06-29 15:28:08)
    "...a visual development tool for the award-winning Qt application framework. This new product will be called Qt Designer, and it will be showcased for the first time at the LinuxTag 2000 conference..."

  • LinuxPR: Conectiva participates in the High Availability Project (2000-06-29 15:23:37)
    "Conectiva is participating in the development of Free Software projects related to High Availability, a much needed characteristic for corporations that depend on information systems for their business."

  • LinuxPR: Linuxnovice.org Helps Novices to Administer their Computers (2000-06-29 14:58:41)
    "LinuxNovice.org is a web site dedicated to helping Linux novices install their distribution, solve their problems, work better, faster and make the most out of their new operating system. With tips and articles and the latest Linux news, LinuxNovice.org will help Linux novices stay on top of their system."

  • Far Eastern Economic Review: Out of the Hat [Bob Young Q&A] (2000-06-29 14:52:26)
    "You are up against some extremely strong brands... Isn't that a very big challenge? ... No . . . if Red Hat is successful at building its brand, and if IBM are successful at delivering the benefits of open source to their customers . . . the customer benefits, and if the customer benefits, both Red Hat and IBM are going to benefit."

  • PC World: Ellison Launches $199 Appliance [NIC] (2000-06-29 14:05:17)
    "Low-cost computers [running Linux] from a company established earlier this year by Oracle will go on sale to consumers July 4, Oracle's chairman and chief executive officer said here on Wednesday."

  • RootPrompt.org: Cracked! Part 6: Talking with the Enemy (2000-06-29 13:52:08)
    "Soon after rebuilding the system I started talking to someone on IRC that identified themselves as the person that had cracked our system. He was connecting from the same places that the cracker had been coming from and seemed to know things that only the cracker would have known, so I decided to take him at face value. Over the first couple of weeks we talked about a variety of subjects. I have selected some of the most interesting bits and grouped them together to give an idea of the flavor of the conversations."

  • LinuxPlanet: Broadening Horizons through Other Operating Systems (2000-06-29 13:50:39)
    "This article will look at two operating systems that approach system design from very diverse angles: The GNU HURD system and Plan9 from Bell Labs Innovations."

  • LinuxProgramming: New Java-on-Linux Releases from Sun (2000-06-29 13:32:20)
    "IBM, in particular, has been leading the fray [on Linux] with releases of both a 1.1.8 JDK, or Java Development Kit, and a 1.3 preview release. ...

  • BW: Epoch Internet Expands Tech Incubator Program to Involve Entertainment Industry Companies (2000-06-29 13:27:18)
    "The initiative provides qualified companies with an end-to-end e-business technology infrastructure for a period of six months. The Incubator Program equips selected entertainment-related Internet companies with reliable, leading-edge hardware, software and Web hosting, in a Linux or Windows operating environment, e-commerce technology assessment, training and support from Epoch, IBM and key Southern California business partners in Epoch's Los Angeles data center."

  • BW: ZOOM Introduces PCI Modem with On-Board Controller (2000-06-29 13:08:30)
    "The Zoom/FaxModem 56K PCI Plus supports Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, and Linux. "This is an excellent product for the growing Linux market," said Terry Manning, Zoom's Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. "The Model 2920 also provides enhanced system performance for system integrators, Value Added Resellers, and on-line gamers."

  • PRNewswire: NETmachines Launches RedRak/HA High Availability Web Server (2000-06-29 13:04:50)
    "NETmachines, a leading developer of e-commerce and Internet-based appliance and communications solutions, today announced the availability of the RedRak/HA -- a breakthrough high-availability webserver offering. Leveraging HA server-clustering software developed by PolyServe, the new RedRak/HA models extend the RedRak family of flexible Web servers to meet the needs of even the most demanding Web server environments."

  • SJ Mercury: SpeechWorks jumps into 'voice portals' via open-source software (2000-06-29 12:55:58)
    "In a move that resembles the Linux open-source software programming code movement, SpeechWorks is making public a system companies could use to develop and interconnect sites on which people call in by phone and use their voice to request news information that is then read back to them, or conduct transactions such as buying stocks and airplane tickets."

  • IBM Redbooks: Mastering Domino for Linux (2000-06-29 12:31:29)
    "This one-hour online briefing is a subset of a classroom workshop. The briefing discusses various aspects of installing, configuring, and managing Lotus Domino servers on the Linux platform."

  • ZDNet UK: Intel ignores Windows with iMac-like Dot.Station (2000-06-29 12:15:53)
    "The unit will come with a 14-inch screen, a hard drive so consumers can run applications or store data and will use the Mozilla Web browser. An Intel Celeron processor and the Red Hat operating system form the key to the terminals operations."

  • ZDNet UK: Transmeta and Linux to run the future home (2000-06-29 11:58:11)
    "The wired home of the future will have Web pads and all manner of networked appliances using Transmeta hardware and the Linux operating system."

  • Upside: Lineo, LynuxWorks face off in embedded market (2000-06-29 11:44:29)
    "Another reason behind the sudden flurry of activity might be the recent announcement that Lineo competitor LynuxWorks has joined the race to become the first embedded Linux IPO."

  • The Register: Torvalds: main impact of MS trial psychological (2000-06-29 11:33:50)
    "During a predictably banal interview of Linus Torvalds on Radio Wall Street yesterday - where the interviewer clearly hoped for some tips about how to turn Linux into a pot of gold for investors - our hero had a couple of interesting things to say about the Microsoft case."

  • Linux.com: Chivalry (2000-06-29 11:15:25)
    "Why the doubts, then? Why do hackers and venture capitalists alike fear that the crest of the Open Source wave has passed? Because both are bewildered by a false dilemma. Open Source appears caught in a paradox; to gain acceptance and exposure, one must engage in an act of charity: giving away intellectual property. Having gained acceptance, though, one must then make money off that acceptance, and the act of charity limits one's ability to do so."

  • Linux Weekly News for June 29, 2000 (2000-06-29 06:41:37)
    Leading items and editorials: MySQL goes GPL and The commercial angle

  • 32BitsOnline: Brooktrout Embraces Linux (2000-06-29 06:34:43)
    "Brooktrout announced that it is now supporting Linux across its complete range of network and Internet hardware products."

  • LinuxDevices: MontaVista mounts rescue mission for pSOS users (2000-06-29 06:19:50)
    "MontaVista, Inc. has announced a pSOS-to-Linux rescue mission, in the form of a transition kit that facilitates the porting of pSOS applications to Linux."

  • LinuxDevices: 'Instant Internet appliance' board-set (2000-06-29 06:15:26)
    "Yamnet Technology has introduced an "instant Internet appliance" in the form of a PC plugin card board-set and a CD-ROM that contains pre-defined Linux configurations for a variety of network/Internet device applications."

  • 32BitsOnline: NEC Brings Japanese Support To Linux Project (2000-06-29 06:11:18)
    "NEC Solutions has become the first Japanese company to join the IA-64 Linux Project - an international association of computing companies that is developing the Linux operating system on Intel's IA-64 processors."

  • LinuxPR: MontaVista Targets pSOS Installed Base (2000-06-29 06:07:48)
    "Hard Hat Linux supports popular first generation RTOS with shortest open source path to embedded Linux."

  • LinuxPR: Antei Offers Services and Solutions Based on Open Source (2000-06-29 05:55:01)
    "Anteil provides a basic open source application at no charge, saving its customers the cost of licensing fees, which can be as much as 30 percent of a CRM implementation."

  • LinuxPR: OpenLink Unleashes New XML & SQL Data Server For Linux (2000-06-29 05:51:51)
    "Virtuoso 2.0 provides a cross platform foundation for XML based E-business solutions."

  • LinuxPR: LinuxCertified.com announces the weekend certification bootcamp for busy professionals (2000-06-29 05:47:48)
    "Attendees get a Linux laptop on their arrival, along with other class materials. They load Linux on their laptop during the class, and use it for all the class activities and assignments. At the end of the class they take this laptop with them to further enhance their Linux expertise."

  • Cosource Digest: Affiliate Program Beta Invitation (2000-06-29 05:36:26)
    "Cosource exists to help non-developers participate in open source projects by providing a forum where users and developers interact."

  • osOpinion: Tacky Tactics: To Bite, or Not To Bite? (2000-06-29 05:30:23)
    "You would have to have your head in the sand to not know that last time this was tried, Microsoft was able to essentially tailor their own system, but that the supervisor of the Linux system not only failed to apply as much as one security patch but used a proprietary system for the guestbook, which subsequently proved to be the Achilles heel."

  • AbiWord Weekly News for June 28, 2000 (2000-06-29 05:08:39)
    "This week we had 13 new patches checked into the tree, from 7 different authors."

  • Canada.com/CP: Troubled Corel receives $30 million in bailout financing (2000-06-29 01:50:35)
    "The company's fiscal health also depends on whether its ambitious financing plans pan out. ... If the second share offer doesn't come through, the company could find itself in another cash crunch later this year."

  • LinuxPR: ZF Linux Devices Announces Ultra-low Power MachZ, The First Real X86 PC-on-a-Chip (2000-06-29 01:38:21)
    "MachZ, with the FailSafe System is the only X86 PC-on-a-Chip that boots autonomously on application of power and can operate even if system DRAM and Flash are unavailable."

  • LinuxWorld: Installing Austin; The Linux welcome wagon (2000-06-29 01:13:16)
    "Installfests are often a newbie's first exposure to Linux and its surrounding community. Will such formative community-building meetings become a thing of the past if OEMs begin preloading Linux?"

  • Salon: Don't tweak the geeks! (2000-06-29 00:59:01)
    "If you were a geek, it was hard to miss. Laid out with all the pomp and circumstance of a major cultural pronouncment, New York Times critic Michiko Kakutani's lambasting of geek society sprawled across the front page of the Arts & Leisure section."

  • ZDNet: Berst Alert: APIs: Microsoft's Hidden Full Nelson (2000-06-29 00:40:27)
    "Windows APIs may become irrelevant before long. Microsoft has correctly realized that the focus is shifting away from the desktop PC. But beware. Windows APIs could soon be replaced by an equivalent stranglehold from Redmond."

  • Internet Week: Will A New Model Set Inferno Ablaze? (2000-06-29 00:20:26)
    "...the timing is right because the industry is now much more receptive to alternative OSes. He cites the rise of Linux and the U.S. government's antitrust suit against Microsoft as helping to shift people's attitudes."

  • Linux Magazine: Top Tech Support Questions (2000-06-03 18:20:56)
    "I purchased a new drive and want to know how to move my directory to the new disk without destroying my current working system."