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Linux News for Oct 01, 2000

  • NewsForge: Linux developer rolls out BrowseX light browser (2000-10-01 21:08:38)
    "Does the world need yet another Web browser? Veteran Linux developer Peter MacDonald, who released the beta version of his BrowseX this week, thinks so."

  • LA Weekly: Enhancing the Scanner - Can Digital Convergence stop hackers from making the CueCat useful? (2000-10-01 20:33:44)
    "Rothwell's offense, it would seem, was to have reverse-engineered Digital Convergence's software to make the CueCat perform functions more specific to his needs, and eliminate the possibility of its violating anyone's privacy."

  • LinuxPR: Psi-Domain Announce Refinement of Product Range and New Internet Services (2000-10-01 20:07:32)
    "Psi-Domain announce a refinement of their product range, plus additional Internet services to encompass the maturing UK Linux market."

  • LA Times: Whose Art Is It, Anyway? (2000-10-01 20:00:58)
    "There have been constant cries over the last 50 years that copyright will end, but it hasn't happened. Copyright always finds a way to accommodate itself to new technology."

  • InfoWorld: Transmeta deals point to wireless notebooks (2000-10-01 19:36:37)
    "Although Crusoe has only recently begun to appear in ultrathin portable computers from manufacturers such as Sony, Hitachi, and Fujitsu, Asia-Pacific customers are responding enthusiastically to the Crusoe chip."

  • Freshmeat: Linux -- A Viable Alternative For The Blind? (2000-10-01 19:19:38)
    "Blind computers users had more difficulty than most people when they made the transition from DOS to Windows. Would a switch to Linux be as great a problem?"

  • Linux.com: Unix Web Application Architectures - Part 4: Other Issues (2000-10-01 18:54:54)
    "I think of Web apps as a group of functions, each of which receives zero or more parameters. Each function implements a different page or operation in the application."

  • Linux.com: Shell Scripting (2000-10-01 18:31:38)
    "There are two primary dialects of shell languages: the Bourne shell (sh) and the C shell (csh). The Bourne shell was the original Unix shell, and as such is the simplest one the of general purpose Unix shells."

  • ApacheWeek: Issue 217 29th September 2000 (2000-10-01 18:12:16)
    In this issue: Apache status, In the news and Featured articles.

  • LinuxLookup.com: Crontab Scheduling Service Guide (2000-10-01 17:52:08)
    "It allows you to schedule a specific task to be ran when ever you please, on the minute, hourly, daily, monthly and thus giving you a sense of relief knowing tasks are being executed without you having to baby-sit your system."

  • LinuxMonth: Netstat - What is it good for? (2000-10-01 16:16:42)
    "Ever wonder what ports are open on your Linux machine? Did you ever want to know who was connecting to your machine and what services were they connecting to? Netstat does just that."

  • UdmSearch 3.1.5 released (2000-10-01 15:47:56)
    "The UdmSearch developer team would like to indroduce new version if their open source web search engine software for most known UNIX and Win platforms."

  • Linux Magazine: IBM's Linux Point Man [Q&A with Irving Wladawksy-Berger] (2000-10-01 15:19:00)
    "It became clear to me and a number of others that Linux and Open Source in general was the evolution of where we saw the Internet going. It wasn't a separate movement."

  • FreeOS.com: Quick and dirty guide to diskless workstations (2000-10-01 15:00:28)
    "A computer which has only a network card, 8MB RAM, low-end cpu and a very simple mother-board with no modem/cdrom/floppy is an ideal candidate for the diskless transition!"

  • Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.2.18pre14 (2000-10-01 14:48:23)
    "This should really fix the which compiler bugs. It should also be close to having everything in the kernel build correctly on x86 again. PCMCIA still uses some very large udelays which need to become mdelay() based instead."

  • NewsForge: I think, therefore I am James (2000-10-01 13:55:04)
    "He has more swag from Boy Scouts though than from free software and considering that he has and continues to program part time for Copyleft, that means he has a lot of Scout stuff. Despite its majority status though, the Scout shirts stay in the closet while the cap with the big red C gets the most wear. That hat is old school Copyleft. He alternates it with the second version of the geek hat and the first sample of the PHP one."

  • SunWorld: Scripting Qt [Includes Coverage of GNOME's Piper] (2000-10-01 12:52:21)
    "Bizzaro explains, 'Piper is actually a new name for a collaboration between four older projects: Overflow, Generalized Messaging Service, The Loci Project, and BlueBox.' Workers in the life sciences seem to have the most enthusiasm for Piper; genetics researchers, for instance, can easily see the benefits of a system that makes it easy to build filters and computations on a remote store for the human genome or other massive datasets. However, Bizzaro emphasizes, 'Piper is general purpose in design. All of the developers appreciate the need for a system capable of very sophisticated operation, yet with a simple facade.'"

  • Raph Levien: An open letter to the Ghostscript development community (2000-10-01 11:46:18)
    "Ghostscript is a very mature piece of software. At the same time, I believe it has the potential to be one of the most exciting and dynamic projects out there. There is a lot of work to be done, especially closer integration with other projects. Ghostscript is currently an essential component of printing and imaging on Unix, and I think it can grow even more into that role as both documents and user interfaces become more graphically intense."

  • Linux Gazette #58 (October 2000) is available (2000-10-01 10:37:56)
    "Linux Gazette...Making Linux just a little more fun!"

  • KDE News: Update on KOffice Development (2000-10-01 09:41:09)
    "First, KWord frame handling was improved and floating frame support was added. Tables generally work much better now. Even tables with variable-width columns are now handled when imported from MS Word, as such imported tables use the new floating frame support."

  • LinuxNews.com: Digital Creations, Kaivo Helps Developers Wash Their Brains Out With Zope (2000-10-01 08:28:19)
    "Kaivo became interested in offering Zope courses because of the increasing demand for the Open Source application server, Gosa says. 'The rapid growth of the Zope community has definitely resulted in a sharp increase in demand for training and education, and we believe this is a trend which will continue,' she adds. 'We've scheduled more Zope classes for this year, and currently are planning expanded course offerings for 2001.'"

  • Apache Today: The September Netcraft Web Survey is Out (2000-10-01 07:06:35)
    "For the third month in a row there was strong growth in sites run using web servers outside of the traditional big three of Apache, Microsoft, and Netscape."

  • QubeCorner: On the Sale of Cobalt to Sun (2000-10-01 06:48:39)
    "Will they kill Cobalt? Who knows. I remember them buying Lighthouse Design years ago. I think the idea was that they would produce spiffy Java apps or OpenStep apps. But no one ever heard from them again as far as I know. There is still a site run by someone who appears to have connections with the original Lighthouse Design crew, but who now apparently works for Netscape. Lighthouse used to have the funniest ads in NeXTWorld magazine. The fine print could have come from Radiohead."

  • Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.2.18pre13 (2000-10-01 01:34:27)
    "Bug squash number one. This should fix the 'it doesnt compile at all' bug. The other change here is that support for faster processors, that will catch out anyone using (abusing) udelay with extremely large values. If you get a link error or a module load error about bad_udelay let me know."