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Linux News for Dec 01, 2000

  • LinuxPR: Win4Lin Desktop Version 2.0 Now Available (2000-12-01 23:28:38)
    "Win4Lin Desktop 2.0 gives Linux users the ability to run Windows applications at native speeds without having to partition or dual boot."

  • Security Portal: Weekly Security Tools Digest 2000/11/24 to 2000/11/30 (2000-12-01 22:45:00)
    "Updates to favorite free tools this week include: SSH server for NT, Nmap, Saint, Bugs/BCRYPT, NetSaint."

  • LinuxPR: Compaq, SGI, Loki and Eazel Sign With Colorado Linux Info Quest 2001 (2000-12-01 22:06:00)
    "Rocky mountain region event will be bigger, more informative than 2000 conference and exhibit."

  • LinuxPR: Intel Pentium 4 Workstations with Red Hat Linux (2000-12-01 22:04:27)
    "We are the first OEM in the world to ship Pentium 4 computers with Linux pre-installed."

  • NewsForge: Developer wants to create GPL version of Apple's Darwin (2000-12-01 21:35:40)
    "Free software is stepping out to the front in so many ways now ... I feel that Apple must free Darwin in order to keep up in the industry."

  • Shockwave Virus Plagues Outlook Users (2000-12-01 21:27:22)
    "Just a minor tweak and this thing could be destructive."

  • Dell Seeks to Make it Easy with Eazel (2000-12-01 21:05:34)
    "As reported, Dell has reached an agreement with Eazel to include their Nautilus shell and Eazel Services on all Dell computers that ship with Linux preloaded. Additionally, Dell has made an equity investment in Eazel of an undisclosed amount."

  • LinuxPR: ParaSoft's Jtest Stays Abreast with Emerging Java Development on Linux (2000-12-01 20:38:22)
    "Jtest helps advance the adoption of Linux for Java Developers."

  • LinuxPR: Wing IDE for Python 1.0 / Linux released (2000-12-01 20:37:05)
    "This release runs on Intel based Linux systems and provides software developers with an integrated project manager, graphical debugger, source code browser, and an advanced source code editor."

  • BSD Today: OpenBSD 2.8 officially released (2000-12-01 19:59:52)
    "Just over 6 weeks ago, on October 18, OpenBSD turned 5 years old. In celebration of this milestone, we invite you to enjoy our 8th release on CDROM (and 9th via FTP). We continue to celebrate OpenBSD's record of three years without a remote hole in the default install."

  • Debian Security Advisory: Revised security fix for joe (2000-12-01 19:49:06)
    "The security fix for joe released on November 22, 2000 had a problem: it created the DEADJOE file securily but didn't write anything to it. This has been fixed in version ."

  • Debian Weekly News - November 29th, 2000 (2000-12-01 19:28:23)
    Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian community.

  • LinuxPR: LinuxUser 2000 conference offers free exhibition (2000-12-01 18:45:01)
    "The LinuxUser 2000 Conference, which is to be held next week (5/6th December) at Chelsea Village, London, will include a free exhibition. IT professionals and managers who want an appreciation of the role Linux can play in their organisation are expected to benefit greatly from the event."

  • LinuxPR: Conectiva Linux 6.0 released (2000-12-01 18:41:27)
    "The biggest and most remarkable advantage of Conectiva Linux 6.0 is the Advanced Package Tool, also known as APT. Previously APT was only available for .deb packages but was recently enhanced to support .rpm packages too."

  • AP: [Transmeta-based] NEC Laptops Recalled (2000-12-01 17:48:00)
    "From investors to business partners to consumers, many will be watching to see how Transmeta handles the problem and whether it can make sure it doesn't happen again, said Linley Gwennap, a principal analyst of the Linley Group."

  • The Register: SGI takes stake in Linux distro SuSE (2000-12-01 17:35:03)
    "That suggests that SGI plans to roll-out boxes based on SuSE's distribution of Linux rather than Red Hat's, which is what it's shipping in its desktop systems today. ...SGI could be looking at SuSE as its high-end distribution and Red Hat for workstation-class systems."

  • LinuxPlanet: Protecting Your Linux System with FireStarter and Storm Firewall (2000-12-01 17:19:55)
    With Linux emerging as a powerhouse on the desktop, it's more important than ever to make sure that your Linux system is secured. Michael Hall reviews two tools that automate the process of setting up a firewall on your system: FireStarter and Storm Firewall.

  • SlashTCO: Carnegie Institution estimates $1m saving with API NetWorks/Linux Solution (2000-12-01 17:03:15)
    "Puget Sound Data Systems, a reseller based in Bothell, Washington, and a top provider of Alpha systems to government and universities, worked with the Carnegie Institution to build the Linux Beowulf cluster."

  • Fairfax IT: CERT warns of looming DDoS attacks (2000-12-01 16:51:14)
    "In its clearest signal yet that it may be bracing for a massive attack, computer network security group CERT issued an advisory today asking system administrators to prepare systems to block denial of service attacks."

  • LinuxPR: SGI Invests in SuSE (2000-12-01 16:19:16)
    "The terms of the agreement include, SGI's equity investment in SuSE Linux Corporation the cooperative development, deployment and support of the Linux operating system and infrastructure code."

  • ZDNet UK: Opera to fan the browser-war flames with free release (2000-12-01 15:46:31)
    "The Opera browser has had a lot going for it. It is cross-platform, fast and light. But it wasn't free. Until now."

  • The Register: Dell fumbles open source desktop gambit (2000-12-01 15:30:30)
    "Call us cynical, but the choice of GNOME/Nautilus is what you'd expect if you dragged a trainee PR intern off the street, and threatened to hit them with a rock until they came up with two leading open source names. ... Some might still hope that this is a tactical firework across the bow of Wintel. Dream on, folks."

  • AS400 Network: Will Interface Issues Keep Linux off the Desktop? (2000-12-01 14:50:40)
    "So the problem with Linux desktop adoption isn't the interface, Bolzern argues, but the fact that few client manufacturers preload Linux onto their systems and few vendors release Linux versions of their desktop software. But that will change with time."

  • Upside: BSD community learns to get along (2000-12-01 13:32:58)
    "Thanks to the imminent arrival of MacOS X, the next generation of Apple's (AAPL ) Macintosh operating system that incorporates substantial portions of the BSD code base, self-described "BSD bigots" are contemplating a future in which more computers users run versions of BSD than rival Linux."

  • ZDNet: Startup unveils tiny "Linux-like" OS for Internet appliances (2000-12-01 13:00:07)
    "Perceiving Linux to be deficient for the tight RAM and Flash memory and processor budgets of mobile devices, and relative to the real-time performance needs of mobile device communications and streaming audio, Kanchan decided to develop a small real-time Unix/Linux compatible kernel and equip it with the basic tools needed for "cheap Internet appliance" applications like cell phones and PDAs."

  • The Register: Transmeta bug may affect 13,000 Sony PCs (2000-12-01 12:55:16)
    "Sony yesterday calculated that some 13,000 Vaio PCG-GT1 and PCG-C1 machines - out of 28,200 units shipped - containing 600MHz Crusoe TM5600 CPUs may fail thanks to a manufacturing glitch in the some chips which is said to affect the contents of its L2 cache."

  • MSNBC: Pro-Linux virus infecting companies (2000-12-01 08:21:10)
    "A computer virus that poses as a Shockwave movie and urges victims to install the Linux operating system has infected at least four Fortune 500 companies according to antivirus firms."

  • Linux Journal: Mozilla Browser Suite (2000-12-01 07:17:35)
    "The new Gecko layout engine appears to be lighter and faster than its predecessor Netscape layout engine. It's designed to be strictly W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards compliant. However, that could be as much of a headache as it is a blessing."

  • LinuxSecurity.com: Linux Advisory Watch - December 1st 2000 (2000-12-01 06:25:53)
    "If your using Red Hat, be prepared spend some time patching your system. 16 Red Hat Advisories were recently released!"

  • Kernel Cousin Debian #13 by Steve Robbins and Zack Brown (2000-12-01 06:16:12)
    Highlights from the Debian-Hurd development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • Newsforge: Linux's Christmas is all in Santa's hands (2000-12-01 05:34:45)
    "Before we divulge the contents of the report, let's get Santa's Open Source status straight. He's strictly a user. Sure, a number of the toymaking elves are rumored to moonlight as game developers, but when it comes to doling out holiday happiness, the big fat guy is in charge. So with his checklist in tow, Santa's looking for features like good GUI and easy hardware installation, quick bootup and a wide range of wallpaper choices -- things that a large percentage of the computer-using population consider important when it comes to operating systems."

  • Apache Today: The November Netcraft Web Server Survey is Out (2000-12-01 02:55:49)
    Apache slightly gains in market share; Microsoft IIS slightly decreases in market share.

  • Java Developer's Journal: Why Linux Lovers Jilt Java (2000-12-01 02:38:33)
    "Should have been, would have been, could have been. Maybe some day even will be. Today, however, the failure of Java to evoke more than relatively mild interest in the Linux community is the complex result of both philosophical and technical differences between the Java and Linux communities and technologies."

  • News.com: European Web publishing partners split (2000-12-01 01:41:14)
    "'This was a classic case of disconnect between old media and new media,' Meckler said in an interview."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: LuraTech & Amicas to Create Web-enabled Medical Image Management Solution (2000-12-01 01:10:49)
    "With the LuraWave digital image compression technology, customers using the AMICAS software will be enabled to capture and securely save, view, and store digitized radiology images in the LuraWave format."

  • InfoWorld: Eazel readies graphical environment for Linux (2000-12-01 00:27:22)
    "Company officials believe Linux users cannot live on snappy graphical interfaces alone. It is the coupling of the interface with smooth access to back-end services that will prove to be its major contribution to help root Linux on the desktop."

  • LinuxPR: Akopia Selected By Leading Venture Capitalists For Ground Zero 4 Investor Track (2000-12-01 00:14:02)
    "Open source e-commerce leader hand-picked for participation by top venture capitalists."