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Linux News for Dec 30, 2000

  • InfoWorld: Open source development gains ground [with open source databases] (2000-12-30 23:59:48)
    "Open source becomes a serious development alternative when combined with Linux running on commodity Intel servers, the database, the open-source development language PHP (personal home page), the Apache Web server, and the Sendmail e-mail server."

  • SysAdmin: Linux Intrusion Detection (2000-12-30 23:00:51)
    "Although it's important to spend time on prevention, you must also have a backup plan in the event that security is compromised. If one of your systems is cracked, immediate detection and damage control are essential to prevent an intruder from gaining access to other systems and causing irreparable problems."

  • LinuxPR: For the Love of Linux [UnionBuiltBox Dual Linux Booting Systems] (2000-12-30 22:30:32)
    "UnionBuiltBox takes great pride in announcing its new Dual Linux Booting Computer. Now you have the choice of two Linux Distributions on one computer, with each distribution on it's own hard drive. You select from Red Hat 7.0, Kondara MNU/Linux, SuSE 7.0 and Mandrake 7.2." The two distributions you select are installed on a powerful AMD 800mhz Duron system, backed up by a one warranty on parts and labor."

  • Kernel Cousin Samba #37 By John Quirk And Zack Brown (2000-12-30 22:00:52)
    Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.

  • LinuxPR: CSA Coventive MSC SDN BHD Announces Official Incorporation at Linux World Malaysia (2000-12-30 21:30:55)
    "CSA Coventive MSC SDN BHD, a joint venture between CSA (Malaysia) BHD and Xchannel Ltd, a subsidiary of Coventive Technologies Inc, officially announced its incorporation at Linux World Malaysia 2000 event. LinuxWorld Malaysia 2000 along with many product demonstrations by CSA Coventive MSC SDN BHD incorporation provided the perfect backdrop for the broadcast of the exciting new union."

  • Yahoo!/Reuters: U.S. warns of possible New Year's computer blitzes (2000-12-30 21:12:51)
    "Computer users should take extra precautions to avoid possible cyberattacks over New Year's weekend, U.S. law enforcement authorities have warned." [Ed. Note: Link to closed-source Linux binary for find_ddos within.]

  • ComputerWorld: Licensing showdown looming (2000-12-30 21:03:40)
    "Nationwide Insurance Cos. estimated that the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act could boost its costs by a minimum of $20 million. The insurer cited security problems created by the law, which would give software vendors the ability to remotely disable systems through "self-help," as it's called in UCITA, as well as increased contracting and negotiation costs."

  • LinuxISO.org: A Review of 'The Process of Network Security' (2000-12-30 21:00:52)
    "The Process of Network Security. is a great book that begins to shed some light on the problems we face and how we can remedy those problems. This book differs from the other network security books I've read because this book deals with the process of network security instead of focusing solely on specific products and/or solutions."

  • Kuro5hin.org: Is KDE digging its own grave? (2000-12-30 20:31:51)
    "By supporting Gnome components under KDE, the KDE have created a standard component architecture for Unix. Unfortunatly for them it is the component architecture of their competitor. Now that they have done this, is there any reason to develop components for KDE?"

  • DevShed: Speaking SQL (part 1) (2000-12-30 19:30:20)
    "Over the next few pages, I'll be explaining some of the basic SQL commands to create and enter information into a database, together with examples that should make things clearer. In case you've never used a database before, or the thought of learning another language scares you, don't worry - SQL is considerably simpler than most programming languages, and you should have no trouble picking it up."

  • freshmeat: The Importance of Avoiding Zs [a plea for intelligent advocacy] (2000-12-30 19:00:28)
    "Too many foot soldiers of the Platform Wars fire Limbaughisms throughout the chat rooms and bulletin boards of the Internet. Linux rulez, Windoze drools, and on and on. This kind of sparring is as old as the Internet. From the time two nerds first communicated over a wire, you know one ripped the other for his choice of programming language. When intelligent people communicate through the anonymity of electronic mail, pointed barbs are sure to follow salutations. It's natural, it's fun. Frankly, it helps kill time at work."

  • Swedish GNU GPL goes final (2000-12-30 18:37:16)
    "The Swedish translation of GNU GPL 2 has been updated to a third and probably final version. This version has been proofread by two programmers in the GNU field and two lawyers versed in the software license field."

  • wine-devel: TransGaming DirectX Release [DirectX for WINE] (2000-12-30 17:51:17)
    "Our goal is nothing less than 100% compatibility for running Windows games on Linux through Wine."

  • Linux Journal: Andre "Linux IDE Guy" Hedrick on proposed CPRM in IDE drives (2000-12-30 17:00:32)
    Don Marti of LinuxJournal interviews Andre Hedrick, the maintainer of the Linux ATA subsystem, on the ramifications of Content Protection for Recordable Media, and how Linux developers may work around the proposed copy control system.

  • FreeOS.com: The penguin inside (2000-12-30 16:00:04)
    "Ever wondered why seemingly sane people would choose to install and use Linux? Is there some method to this madness? Here's a geek's reasons for leaving the safety of Windows for uncharted territory. What does Linux have that other OS' don't?"

  • LinuxFocus.com: High Availability systems under Linux (2000-12-30 15:00:05)
    "Even though I trust Linux blindly, I don't trust the companies that make the machines, power supply, network cards, motherboards etc, and I am always afraid that if one of these fail, my system will be unusable. Hence the service will be unavailable, further more I will be taking down all the company services even though they are not directly related to me."

  • NewsForge: Review: CueCat barcode scanner (2000-12-30 14:00:29)
    "The problem is that the Cue:Cat's creator, Digital Convergence, doesn't like people using their hardware without their software present. (There are many articles dealing with the subject.) But that is not why I am writing today. I am writing to review the unit itself and the Open Source software available for it."

  • UNIXReview.com: Preview of Linux Music and Sound [Book Excerpt] (2000-12-30 13:00:01)
    UNIXReview.com presents an excerpt from the book Linux Music and Sound by Dave Phillips.

  • MozillaQuest: Building Your Own Web Browser - Part II, Branding Your Lizard (2000-12-30 12:38:07)
    "Today you will add to the basic feel you got in Part I for things you can do with Mozilla customizing and skinning. No heavy-duty skin surgery today -- just a few dabs of superficial cosmetic touch-up. But even so, just working at this very superficial level you will learn how to brand your own customized browser or browser skin by putting your name and logo on what then becomes "your" Web browser."

  • Linux.com: 10 tweaks to your Linux boxen that will make your life muuuuch easier! (2000-12-30 12:09:57)
    "Ok, so you have Linux installed on your computer and want to know how to make your life easier? Well, sit right back, and I'll give you 10 tweaks to your system that I use on a daily basis and couldn't live without!"

  • Linux.com: When Will Mom Use Linux? (2000-12-30 12:00:34)
    "Two years ago I was bold and naive enough to assert that my mother would be able to switch to Linux by now. And if Linux were ready for her, I think there's a pretty good possibility that she would do just that."

  • Kernel Cousin Debian #16 by Prashanth Mundkur and Zack Brown (2000-12-30 07:06:38)
    Highlights from the Debian development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • LinuxPR: talentsoft Releases Trial Version of Web+ v5.0 (2000-12-30 02:37:17)
    "This new release offers both new features and improvements in speed and scalability over its predecessor."

  • LinuxPR: Fortuitous Technologies Releases Linux Training Manuals Under GPL. (2000-12-30 02:37:05)
    "Fortuitous Technologies releases their "Linux Fundamentals" course curriculum under terms of the Gnu Public License (GPL) to the Linux community."

  • Linus Torvalds: 2.4.0-test13-pre6 (2000-12-30 01:16:23)
    "Ok, there's a test13-pre6 out there now, which does a partial sync with Alan, in addition to hopefully fixing the innd shared mapping writeback problem for good. Thanks to Marcelo Tosatti and others.."