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Linux News for Dec 31, 2000

  • FreenetProject.org: The Free Network Project - Vapourware? (2000-12-31 22:01:41)
    "I have noticed that increasingly in the press Freenet is being criticized for not being as easy to install and use as systems like Napster and Gnutella. While this is somewhat understandable given the normal length of time between hearing about an Open Source project and having something easy to use, Freenet is not a normal project by any means."

  • PenWellNet.com: Beowulf system: more geoscience computing power for less money (2000-12-31 19:17:27)
    "Fortunately, Linux is a version of Unix which was developed for PCs. Consequently, a port of the bulk of the seismic software to a small test beowulf running Linux was completed in a matter of weeks."

  • Linux Orbit: 10 Questions with Miguel de icaza (2000-12-31 18:48:08)
    "To me, Helix was a continuation of the GNOME project. There are some tasks in the GNOME project that are not fun to do (like packaging of software, software updates, delivering the latest technologies) that are not easy to do with volunteers (Debian is a project that actually has managed to do this very well, but when we tried to do this within the GNOME project, we never managed to get this off the ground)."

  • LinuxPorts: Creating an SGML Document on Emacs (2000-12-31 18:19:47)
    "The purpose of this article is to provide a guide to creating an SGML document on emacs. It is not intended to explain how to write an SGML document!"

  • NPR's Public Interest Update on the "Free Software Movement" (2000-12-31 17:43:48)
    Kojo Nambe's topic Tuesday on NPR's Public Interest was the Free Software Movement.

  • Joystick101.org: Interview with Loki founder: Scott Draeker (2000-12-31 17:06:12)
    "Loki Entertainment Software has built a name for itself by providing the Linux community with ports of quality Windows games. They have helped to bring Linux games to your software store, by porting best sellers like Civilization CTP, Railroad Tycoon, Quake 3, and Alpha Centauri to name a few."

  • LinuxMonth: TCL File Formats (2000-12-31 16:41:34)
    "This column shows some simple but powerful techniques to make TCL data persistent in a text file and to parse it again from the file at a later point. We make use of TCL's flexible syntax to make the data files easily readable and even editable."

  • LinuxMonth: Open Source Licenses Explained (2000-12-31 16:13:54)
    "The Open Source Initiative recognized 18 different licenses as Open Source Software licenses. If a program adheres to one of these licenses, then it can officially be considered Open Source. Each one of these licenses have a time and place in the Open Source world, and each one has it's own unique history."

  • LinuxTests.org: SuSE 7.0 Professional: Experiences during Installation (2000-12-31 15:44:31)
    "We purchased SuSE 7.0 Professional from a local store. We've installed this version hundreds of times on many different types of PCs. In our opinion, SuSE 7.0 is the best solution for new users first being introduced to Linux."

  • LinuxTests.org: Quake III Arena - Configuration and Linux Installation (2000-12-31 15:10:37)
    "This mini-HOWTO will help those of you with Red Hat 6.2 and the Voodoo 3 video card. It also sets a standard so that we can share our FPS results."

  • LinuxTests.org: Linux-Mandrake 7.2 Complete [Review] (2000-12-31 14:39:40)
    "While we actually installed LM 7.2 on five or six different systems...our main test system for this article was an AMD Duron 700 MHz housed on an Epox EP-8KTA2 motherboard, including 128 MB PC133 SDRAM, 20 GB UDMA 66 Hard Drive, TNT2 video card."

  • LinuxPPC.org: LinuxPPC Security Primer, Part I (2000-12-31 14:16:00)
    "You've decided to install Linux on your PowerPC box, but you're worried about some '31337 haxOr d00dz' gaining control of your machine through some security hole. It turns out there's both good news and bad news for you."

  • Linux-World.dk: Review: Linux-Mandrake 7.2 PowerPack Deluxe (2000-12-31 13:43:53)
    "Mandrake 7.1 was the very first distribution ever to being able to pre-configure my CD recorder. I've always liked Mandrake for its ability to detect and properly configure the more "exotic" hardware such as CD recorders."

  • LinuxWorld: It's been a very good year for Linux (2000-12-31 13:11:26)
    "During 2000, major advances on the server laid the foundation for a similar acceptance of Linux as a desktop platform. And 2000 saw big happenings there."

  • DB2 Magazine: Serving Up Linux (2000-12-31 12:33:12)
    "Long thought of as the free operating system, Linux today boasts heavyweight features that let it take on even enterprise-strength requirements."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux.com: Leaping Linux: IBM's z900 takes it on; Q&A w/IBM's Mark Cathcart (2000-12-31 12:05:46)
    "Mark Cathcart, a technology strategist with IBM and a member of the S/390 Software Development Council, talks about IBM?s strategy behind Linux on the z900 and whether Linux can really take this age-old platform into the world of open-systems."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4test-ac merge status (2000-12-31 08:26:05)
    "This is to help give folks an idea of what -ac stuff has been pushed to Linus, is still in need of work, has been dumped in the bitbucket of bad ideas etc."

  • Linus Torvalds: 2.4.0-test13-pre7 (2000-12-31 08:25:41)
    "The LDT fixes in particular fix some potentially random strange behaviour. And the alpha memmove() thing was a showstopper bug on alphas."