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Linux News for Apr 30, 2001

  • LinuxPR: Tulsa Installfest May 26th (Apr 30, 2001, 23:59)
    "The Tulsa Linux Users Group is pleased to announce its first annual Linux Installfest to be held on the Tulsa University Campus, Keplinger Hall Room M216, on Saturday May 26th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm."

  • UCITA in Oregon: A Status Report (Apr 30, 2001, 23:30)
    Reader Geoff Burling decided to pay a visit to an Oregon House of Representatives Judiciary Committee hearing on a proposed implementation of UCITA a few weeks ago. Geoff reports a broad-based front of everybody from librarians to industrialists standing against a bill even its sponsors seem unwilling to push very hard. His report is within.

  • Yahoo!/Forbes: Alternative Software (Apr 30, 2001, 23:00)
    Still exercised over WindwsXP's registration requirements, John C. Dvorak predicts a backlash and has just the prescription for cash-strapped small businesses tired of living on the ever-upward curve of software costs: adopt free software or shareware. High on his list for those suffering Office fatigue? StarOffice. "The savings a large corporation would make if it bought 10,000 white box machines running StarOffice on Linux could easily be $200 a machine or more, depending on the license agreements," says Dvorak, who also points out "if an information technology department can't find ways to incorporate some of the outstanding freeware and shareware into the corporate IT infrastructure, they should be replaced with more cost conscious personnel.

  • The Market Channel That Makes Linux Go (Apr 30, 2001, 22:00)
    "When you read about the SCO channel and how Caldera can benefit from a vague reference to some resellers "out there", you're reading about this association. These professionals make up what some see as SCO's premiere resellers. But without iXorg, would SCO have premiere resellers?"

  • LinuxProgramming: Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Apr 30) (Apr 30, 2001, 21:30)
    All the latest news from the Tcl world.

  • LinuxProgramming: Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Apr 30) (Apr 30, 2001, 21:00)
    All that's new in the Python world.

  • JFS for Linux Beta 3 released (Apr 30, 2001, 20:30)
    IBM has posted the latest beta of their journalling filesystem JFS. README and download link within.

  • GNOME Summary for April 21 - April 27, 2001 (Apr 30, 2001, 20:00)
    In this issue: Ximian 1.4 is out, Be an Eazel Pal, Abiword 0.7.14 is Out, Gnumatic releases new version of Gnucash, FSF hiring GNOME documenters, GNOME Accessibility list launched, Project of the Week, new editors take the helm for GNOME summaries

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: Updated kdelibs fixing security problem and memory leaks available (Apr 30, 2001, 19:30)
    "Updated kdelibs packages fixing a security problem, some memory leaks and some minor bugs are available."

  • Letter to the Editor: An Open Response to Ronny Ko (Apr 30, 2001, 18:30)
    Reader Tom Adelstein has taken the time to respond to an article appearing here earlier today: "Linux: A Story of Hype," arguing that far from fading away, Linux has made important strides in many areas and will continue to do so. "Linux companies, in the shadows where the press doesn't venture, have put our industry in much better shape than the PC industry of the 1980's," he says.

  • Linux in education report #43 for April 30 (Apr 30, 2001, 17:54)
    SEUL/edu is the discussion group for those interested in using Linux for education. This covers all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students.

  • Linux the first OS to implement RFC 1149 (Apr 30, 2001, 17:45)
    Rejoice! Linux is the first-ever OS to implement RFC1149! There may be a few problems with latency now and then in a stiff headwind, but Microsoft can no longer claim Linux is chasing the tail lights. Little bits of bird feed might be another matter.

  • The Register: Microsoft issues bounty for OS-less PC buyers (Apr 30, 2001, 14:59)
    Want to win a new watch, a collection of Microsoft games, or a new grill? Give up your colleagues (or competitors) who dare order a computer without an OS installed.

  • The Salt Lake Tribune: Linux Proves It's No Passing Fad (Apr 30, 2001, 14:19)
    In sharp contrast to Mr. Ko's column (posted immediately below this one), we have the Salt Lake Tribune weighing on the "Linux as unduly hyped phenomenon" by offering that your local machine room geek, Steve Ballmer, and Lou Gerstner can't be wrong.

  • 32BitsOnline: Linux: A Story of Hype (Apr 30, 2001, 13:43)
    Ronny Ko of 32BitsOnline appears to have thrown in the towel on Linux: "We're no longer talking about when Open Source and Linux will replace Microsoft but whether Linux and Open Source will even be around after Microsoft releases Windows XP," he says.

  • Kernel Traffic #116 for 30 Apr by Zack Brown (Apr 30, 2001, 12:36)
    Mailing list threads from the Linux Kernel Development Team.