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Linux News for May 26, 2001

  • LinuxPR: Wizards Of OS II Addresses Audience Interested in Media Culture and the Knowledge Society (2001-05-26 23:00:21)
    "The three day conference "Wizards of Operating Systems 2" addresses a broad audience interested in digital media culture and the knowledge society. "

  • Java 2 Standard Edition1.4 Beta Release Now Available (2001-05-26 22:03:01)
    A Beta release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition version 1.4 software for Windows, Linux, and Solaris is now available.

  • MozillaQuest: Mozilla 1.0 Set Back to Q4 2001 (2001-05-26 21:40:33)
    And the wait goes on. According to this report, the Mozilla 1.0 release date has been pushed back to 15 October, 2001.

  • Infoworld: Red Hat covers all bases (2001-05-26 21:30:40)
    As the contributing reader points out, this is a very positive article, looking briefly at Red Hat used in several contexts: end user desktop, back-end database serving, and DNS/Web tasks. It's not so much a review as it is a series of positive assertions about Red Hat's usability across several levels of business use.

  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Microsoft admits prize program was 'stupid' (2001-05-26 21:00:54)
    If you were hoping to get yourself the grill or watch for giving up your local "naked-PC"-selling vendor, you're out of luck: Microsoft has killed the "admittedly stupid" program.

  • CNET News.com: A third way for software development (2001-05-26 20:30:19)
    Lineo was one of the companies quick to respond to the Mundie "shared source speech," and its CEO, Bryan Sparks, follows up with a more thorough defense of the GPL, addressing the frequent complaints about its "viral" nature.

  • LinuxDevices.com: Hi-Muse -- the ultimate music appliance? (2001-05-26 19:30:13)
    "Basically, you can use the Hi-Muse to record, play, and store your music from CDs and other sources; it also provides a simple means by which you can locate, listen to, and store music from Internet radio stations, music portals, and other online sources -- without the use of a PC."

  • Aeon/Xe: Open Source and IT Security (2001-05-26 18:45:07)
    We'll warn you up front that this isn't an article: it's a presentation converted to HTML over 35 pages. That said, if you're curious about security issues businesses face, this is an interesting overview that covers network sniffing (with screenshots of ethereal in action against a hypothetical CEO's POP client) and other internal threats and offers some resources for where to start looking for open source security tools.

  • Jamie Zawinski/DNA Lounge: Diskless Linux Kiosks (2001-05-26 18:00:25)
    Jamie Zawinski wanted to set up public Internet kiosks for his club that went beyond the usual "web browser only" routine, providing full access to telnet, ssh, IRC, and instant messaging. He solved his problem using the ThinkNIC 'net appliance, GNOME, and NFS. This is more than a simple feature: he provides a fairly complete recipe.

  • Trustix Secure Linux Security Advisory: samba (2001-05-26 17:40:30)
    "Samba up to version 2.0.7 uses mktemp(3) for creation of temporary files. This allows malicious local users to alter contents of other files on the system, and potentially gain superuser privileges. This was originally thought fixed in Samba 2.0.8, but as it turns out, that was not the case."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.4-ac18 (2001-05-26 17:00:14)
    "In terms of going through the code audit almost all the sound drivers still need fixing to lock against format changes during a read/write. Poll creating and starting a buffer as write does and also mmap during write, write during an mmap."

  • LittleWhiteDog.com: Guide to installing NVidia drivers in Mandrake 8.0 (2001-05-26 16:30:43)
    Like the headline says: the article's out to help you install NVidia drivers under Mandrake.

  • Signal Ground: Athlon Buyers' Guide (2001-05-26 15:00:04)
    This article provides more than enough information to figure out which way to go on building an AMD-based system. Information on the Athlon, Duron, and the assorted branches of the family tree is provided. Hardware geeks may already know all this, but it's a handy overview for people who are venturing into putting together their own system and want to know the lay of the land. Kernel compile benchmarks are included.

  • Puget Sound Computer User: Play it again, Linux (2001-05-26 13:30:09)
    If you're curious about the best way to preserve your vinyl LP's digitally, this article ought to help. It offers a decent guide to recording and cleaning up the audio quality of your records. If it's a bit vague at points, it at least references the appropriate command to look into with man.

  • LinuxProgramming: Blackdown releases Java Media Framework 2.1.1 (2001-05-26 12:00:38)
    The Java Media Framework (JMF) is an API for incorporating audio, video and other time-based media into Java applications and applets. It is an optional package that extends the multimedia capabilities on the Java2 platform.

  • Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.4.5 (2001-05-26 02:19:30)
    "Ok, I applied Andrea's (nee Ingo's) version, as that one most clearly attacked the real deadlock cause. It's there as 2.4.5 now." Changelog within.

  • Turbolinux Security Announcement: pmake-2.1.35beta-2 (2001-05-26 01:09:27)
    "In the Turbolinux platforms referenced above, the pmake binary is installed setuid root."

  • Turbolinux Security Announcement: openssl-0.9.6a-2 (2001-05-26 01:08:22)
    "There are four security fixes that have been applied to this update of openssl."

  • Trustix Secure Linux Security Advisory: samba (2001-04-18 20:37:20)
    "Samba up to version 2.0.7 uses mktemp(3) for creation of temporary files. This allows malicious local users to alter contents of other files on the system, and potentially gain superuser privileges."