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Linux News for May 29, 2001

  • it.mycareer.com.au: The windows are open and the light keeps shining in (2001-05-29 23:45:03)
    Graeme Philipson, a columnist for it.mycareer.com.au, points to an Australian survey by the market-research firm Strategic Research and concludes that it's just a matter of time before Windows is truly everywhere -- with Linux not making a dent in the enterprise.

  • eWeek: RMS rips Microsoft, Caldera's Ransom Love (2001-05-29 23:07:08)
    In a speech at New York University's Stern School of Business, Richard Stallman defends the GPL against attacks from Microsoft minions -- and takes a few shots at Caldera, calling it a "parasite" on the free-software movement.

  • EnGarde Secure Linux Security Advisory: WebTool (2001-05-29 23:03:06)
    "When the WebTool restarts a service, certain environmental variables are inherited which should not be, such as the token used to authenticate the administrator to the WebTool daemon. Anybody who can view the environment variables of a process can thus get this token, and potentially root access."

  • Terra Soft Solutions releases Yellow Dog Linux 2.0 (2001-05-29 22:30:07)
    Lest we forget with all the fuss surrounding Mac OS X, there is Linux available for PowerPC-based Macs -- as you'll see in this entertaining press release announcing the release of Yellow Dog Linux 2.0.

  • LinuxProgramming: O'Reilly Releases New Edition of Perl CD Bookshelf (2001-05-29 22:15:54)
    O'Reilly has announced a second edition of its "Perl CD Bookshelf." The second edition features a master index for all five Perl books--with text extensively hyperlinked--and a powerful search engine, so sought-after information can be quickly located. Packaged with a hard copy of Perl in a Nutshell, the entire library takes up less than two inches of bookshelf space, but programmers on the move can just grab the CD and go.

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Server-centric ASPLinux 7.1 distribution released (2001-05-29 21:44:11)
    This server-centric Linux distribution features the Web Hosting Solution, which is preconfigured with ASPLinux Operating System, a 100 percent Red Hat compatible GNU/Linux distribution, using HSPcomplete revolutionary technology to offer hosting service that delivers ease of use and solid performance. All administration and maintenance is browser-based or feature-rich GUI interface (Windows or GNU/Linux) for simplicity and ease of use. ASPLinux hosting plan include everything from shared hosting to high-availability cluster hosting.

  • Debian Weekly News - May 29th, 2001 (2001-05-29 20:06:42)
    Weekly news brief from the Debian Project.

  • SuSE Security Announcement: man (2001-05-29 19:53:02)
    "Two vulnerabilities have been found in the man package that is installed by default in all SuSE Linux distributions."

  • SEUL.org: Linux in education report #45 for May 28 (2001-05-29 19:32:00)
    SEUL/edu is the discussion group for those interested in using Linux for education. This covers all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students. This issue: BBSs in schools, diskless workstations, SquidGuard for compliance with US Children's Internet Protection Act.

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Red Hat Announces Red Hat Linux 7.1 for the Itanium (2001-05-29 18:00:13)
    "Red Hat Linux 7.1 for the Itanium Processor features the Red Hat Linux 7.1 operating system with the new 2.4 kernel. This configuration supports the very large address space of Itanium-based systems and scales efficiently to eight or more Itanium processors running as a single system image. New configuration tools and security enhancements are also available in this new release from Red Hat."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: IBM Delivers New Itanium-Based Systems (2001-05-29 17:30:13)
    Capable of 1 trillion calculations per second, a cluster of 160 new IBM Itanium-based systems will be the most powerful Linux supercluster in academia.

  • LinuxPR: SuSE 7.2 Release Date Set (2001-05-29 16:52:52)
    SuSE's set the release date and feature list for SuSE 7.2.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.5-ac4 (2001-05-29 16:12:12)
    "In terms of going through the code audit almost all the sound drivers still need fixing to lock against format changes during a read/write. Poll creating and starting a buffer as write does and also mmap during write, write during an mmap."

  • Kernel Cousin KDE #11 by Aaron J. Seigo and Rob Kaper (2001-05-29 15:36:17)
    KDE is a powerful Open Source graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system.

  • Enterprise Linux Today: NEC Set to Open Linux Clustering Research Center (2001-05-29 14:17:32)
    NEC Corporation (NEC) is set to open its HPC (High Performance Computing) Engineering Center for Linux-based PC cluster systems this Friday. The center is designed around promotion of enhancements to Linux clustering software and the porting and tuning of parallel applications.

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Roughed Up by Flightless Water Fowl (2001-05-29 12:57:01)
    When Brian Proffitt set out to investigate the origins of Tux in order to answer serious questions about the correct use of our favorite mascot's likeness and name, he forgot that nobody expects the Penguin Inquisition. A harrowing tale of naked lightbulbs and bondage among the flightless water fowl.

  • Slashdot: SourceForge Server Compromised (2001-05-29 05:38:57)
    Slashdot's reporting that a system on SourceForge was compromised. At this point, no mention is made of the issue on the site's front page, and the mail sent out to developers who may have been affected simply notes that potentially compromised passwords have been randomized.

  • Interactive Week: Insurer Considers Microsoft NT High-Risk (2001-05-29 03:22:19)
    This isn't the first time we've linked to a story about J.S. Wurzler Underwriting Managers: they turned up on The Register over a month ago. This article provides a little more depth, and a few choice quotes from the company and others regarding why Linux is a good choice to make if the 25% increase the company charges NT shops for "hacking insurance" isn't incentive enough.

  • Kernel Traffic #120 by Zack Brown (2001-05-29 01:16:42)
    Mailing list threads from the Linux Kernel Development Team.

  • LinuxProgramming: Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (May 28) (2001-05-29 00:15:42)
    All the latest news from the Tcl world.