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Linux News for Jul 28, 2001

  • Evil3d.Net: Linux Jagged Alliance2 Review (2001-07-28 21:38:51)
    "By using a nonlinear game play style, the player is allowed to think through the game and move at a personally comfortable pace. Included are over 150 characters and mercenaries with unique looks are personalities. These extra give JA2 a high level of repeat playability and depth."

  • HelpNet Security: Commenting a firewall (2001-07-28 21:16:08)
    "Hopefully, this article will help you understand the principle of building a custom firewall. The firwall used for this article is pretty good, and you can use it, since you can adjust it to your needs as it is well commented. It is ideal for your home network. Just copy it, chmod it and off you go."

  • O'Reilly Network: Using Linux to Tame the Big Hairy Beast (2001-07-28 20:36:50)
    From the O'Reilly OSCON: "This morning's keynote presentation was titled "Fueling the Open Source Alternative," but I found that title to be a little vague. To me, the focus of the discussion was more on how large companies are using Linux as a solution to their distinct business needs."

  • Stallman's talk on "The dangers of software patents" available in Ogg format (2001-07-28 17:00:34)
    The recordings of Richard Stallman's speech on "Dangers of Software Patents" given at Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi, India are available in Ogg format.

  • InfoWorld: In AIX 5L, blue suit meets tie-dye (2001-07-28 16:00:10)
    Microsoft is coming after Unix, says this writer, with Win2k and the Itanium. IBM's AIX5L, goes the story, is properly positioned for the next step, with enough of a Linux feel to bring up a new generation of developers who'd otherwise avoid traditional Unix.

  • Net-Security.org: Installation of a Secure Web Server (2001-07-28 15:08:59)
    A writer from SuSE outlines how to build a secure web server ("within just 45 minutes.") Lots of detail and understandably SuSE-centric (6.4 to be exact) but with plenty of general information, too.

  • GUI-Lords: theKompany KDE Studio DocBrowser review (2001-07-28 14:00:37)
    Thumbs up for theKompany's DocBrowser from GUI-Lords: "If you've ever wanted to get into programming for either KDE or Qt but weren't sure where to begin, theKompany's DocBrowser is a pretty good place to start. It features a truly hyper-linked set of documentation for KDE and Qt's API, flow diagrams for how code relates, and easy to understand documentation of the calls you want to use."

  • InfoWorld: Microsoft's bait and switch (2001-07-28 13:00:25)
    Mono, argues this column, will likely prove to be a "covenant with death," and Microsoft's participation in the project "a bait-and-switch scheme to finally wipe out the threat of open source."

  • Another Maintenance Release of the Document Processor LyX (2001-07-28 12:30:30)
    The next version of LyX (1.2.0) will include KDE/Qt & GNOME GUI's.

  • MachineOfTheMonth: Using Charter at Home with Linux (2001-07-28 12:00:20)
    Here's a guide to using the Charter@home cable service: something that has a narrow focus for specifics but broad applicability in terms of the information it provides about hooking a Linux machine up to a dhcp-based broadband connection.

  • Debian Security Advisory: New versions of apache, fixes index bug (2001-07-28 04:07:10)
    "We have received reports that the 'apache' http daemon, as included in the Debian 'stable' distribution, is vulnerable to the 'artificially long slash path directory listing vulnerability.'"

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.7ac2 (2001-07-28 00:33:33)
    Changelog within.