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Linux News for Jul 29, 2001

  • Linux Journal: Hacking Vegas at Black Hat and DEF CON: One Geek's Experience (2001-07-29 23:30:40)
    Darth Elmo reports on Black Hat and DEF CON, covering a variety of talks and lectures: "DEF CON, which began as a relatively small get-together for members of the IS underground, has grown in recent years to become the world's largest and most publicized annual gathering of the diverse groups that comprise Information Systems Security. But despite its growth and more-or-less-mainstream success (measured in numbers and news articles), DEF CON is first and foremost for hackers."

  • IBM developerWorks: Linux hardware stability guide, Part 2: Drivers, IRQs, and PCI latency (2001-07-29 23:00:55)
    "One of Linux's claims to fame is its stability. But the most stable operating system in the world won't do you any good if your hardware is defective or misconfigured. In this article, Daniel Robbins shares his experiences in getting his NVIDIA TNT graphics card working under Linux using NVIDIA's accelerated drivers."

  • TechWeb: Free Mainframe (a review of the IBM Linux Community Development System) (2001-07-29 22:30:29)
    TechWeb looks at IBM's LCDS: the program under which developers can gain access to an account on a mainframe. Though IBM's struggling to keep up with demand, says the review, the service is worth it.

  • LinuxDevices.com: Embedded Java+Linux Quick Reference Guide (2001-07-29 22:00:25)
    LinuxDevices offers a reference guide to Embedded Java and Linux development, including a general introduction, a collection of whitepapers, and links to developer tools.

  • MaximumLinux.org: Open Letter Against Using Microsoft Server Products (2001-07-29 21:30:18)
    An unhappy network engineer defends his choice of Linux for a variety of tasks in the wake of a company's report on his network that recommended removing SAMBA and sendmail in favor of Windows and Exchange.

  • LinuxWorld.com: What Ximian's trying to accomplish with Mono (2001-07-29 20:28:43)
    Ximian's Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza defend their company's development of Mono in this article: "I believe that Microsoft has behaved criminally, has stifled competition." Friedman said, "I think we are calling Microsoft's bluff here. They are saying that .NET is an open system... We're going to implement an open version of it, and see how they react."

  • Byte.com: FrontPage XP Bad, Ricochet Good (2001-07-29 19:22:46)
    Given the choice between Windows 2000 and Linux for his new Ricochet setup, Jerry Pournelle goes with Linux, maintaining that it's the more secure alternative and that support from the developer community is good.

  • O'Reilly Network: Tools of the Trade: Part 3 (2001-07-29 16:35:05)
    The O'Reilly Network continues its look at basic security tools with snort and syslog.

  • O'Reilly Network: Heading for a Safe Harbor in a Rough Market (2001-07-29 15:00:32)
    "This being a Linux in the Enterprise column, I'll present some ideas on how to make sure that you're still around, and how you can do this by leveraging your Linux skills."

  • IBM developerWorks: OpenSSH key management, Part 1: Understanding RSA/DSA authentication (2001-07-29 13:30:04)
    "In this series, you'll learn how RSA and DSA authentication work, and see how to set up passwordless authentication the right way. In the first article of the series, Daniel Robbins focuses on introducing the RSA and DSA authentication protocols and showing you how to get them working over the network."

  • MLUG: 'So listen good - use Linux; It's the only real escape.' (2001-07-29 12:00:21)
    Start your Sunday off with some 'Tux Noir': "It was back in 1996. A sordid tale if there ever was one. Foul enough to shock even me, a hard-boiled computer junkie. The stench was so thick you could cut it with a knife and serve it as day-old bread. So maybe I just have to come clean now. Maybe it will help some poor schmuck somewhere."

  • Alan Cox: make rpm (2001-07-29 00:47:02)
    Alan Cox has written a kernel rpm-ifier: "I've been meaning to do this one for a while and I now have it working so that with my current -ac kernel working tree I can type 'make rpm' and out puts kernel-2.4.7ac3-1.i386.rpm..."