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Linux News for Jul 31, 2001

  • AllLinuxDevices: PlayApp Offers Free Open-Source Alternative to Microsoft's Passport (2001-07-31 23:45:18)
    "PlayApp Keys, which are key-chain sized portable USB devices consumers can purchase from PlayApp.com for $44 each, give consumers complete control over many of their security needs. PlayApp Keys, when used with the free PlayApp Player program, allows consumers to instantly log-on to websites. Other uses include generating codes for encrypting/decrypting files and generating/using PGP passphrases for secure email/real-time communications."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Red Hat and Compaq to Offer Extended Linux Training and Certification (2001-07-31 22:54:53)
    "The programs will extend the scope of professional training opportunities available to Linux systems and software professionals and position them to take greater advantage of the expanding Linux marketplace."

  • Apache Today: July 2001 Netcraft Web Server Survey: IIS Gains on Apache (2001-07-31 21:05:05)
    The Apache Web server goes down by more than 4 percentage points, while Microsoft IIS gains more than five percentage points.

  • CNET/Yahoo!: Linux handheld device holds 10GB (2001-07-31 20:15:55)
    "Consumers can dump their digital photos into it, back up their computer files and store digital audio. The Terapin Mine also can be connected to a corporate LAN (local area network) and used as a mini file server. A PC card slot allows the use of wireless network adapters."

  • Tonight Live: Doc Searls & Eric Raymond on the Great Debate, PLUS The Fat Lady, Part III (2001-07-31 19:27:21)
    Tonight's show: Mandrakesoft's IPO, the great Microsoft vs Red Hat debate, "Microsoft, Linux and the Fat Lady PART TWO"

  • Yahoo!/eWeek: Truce or dare (BSA audits chasing businesses to open source?) (2001-07-31 17:35:47)
    The Business Software Alliance, aka "the license compliance people," takes a hard hit in this article, which maintains that the company is indiscriminate in its letter campaigns and may, after a typical brief period of compliance, be pushing customers to open source software.

  • AbiWord 0.9.0 Released (2001-07-31 17:03:56)
    "The AbiWord team is proud to announce the release of version 0.9.0 of AbiWord. The release marks the count down to version 1.0. While we are not in feature freeze, we will no longer make substantial changes to the tree. We anticipate making a number of more rapid releases as we squash bugs on the way to version 1.0."

  • Eric S. Raymond: Open Source -- it's about control, and maybe about healing (2001-07-31 14:36:08)
    "Yes, open source is about software that doesn't suck and all those efficiency things that OSI talks about. And the FSF is not wrong that it's about freedom, either (though it's still best we not say that where the suits can hear it). What I've been powerfully reminded of is that open source is also, or even mainly, about something else. It's about control."

  • Debian Weekly News - July 31st, 2001 (2001-07-31 13:57:00)
    "If everything goes better than planned then we will have woody released before Christmas."

  • Yahoo!/CNET: Red Hat, 3G Lab design wireless OS (2001-07-31 06:30:04)
    Apparently a few earlier reports have the partnership between Red Hat and 3G Lab to build a wireless OS wrong: Red Hat's eCos will be driving the OS. A little bit about eCos may be found in the Related Stories.

  • LinuxPlanet: Editor's Note: The Customer's Always Wronged (2001-07-31 06:23:40)
    Michael Hall revisits the state of technical and customer support one last time, recounting his struggle with the DSL people and some reader responses to his mandatory Linux removal. The bad news: tech support is universally bad regardless of what OS you're running. The good news: there's a quiet Linux underground in the support pits you might stumble across if you're lucky.

  • LinuxPR: New book -The Unix Guide to Defenestration (2001-07-31 02:00:20)
    "This book is probably the first serious attempt at answering the most fundamental question affecting Unix/Linux users: why do most people seem to prefer an expensive and largely disfunctional desktop, and even server, environment to one that works cheaply and effectively?"

  • LWN: Ottawa Linux Symposium 2001 (2001-07-31 00:59:18)
    Linux Weekly News presents its wrap-up of the Ottawa Linux Symposium. The summary goes something like "less free beer, still a quality event."

  • Linux-Mandrake Community Newsletter - Special IPO Results (2001-07-31 00:30:43)
    "MandrakeSoft is pleased to announce that the company is now listed on the Euronext Marché Libre. As a result of the successful Initial Public Offering, a total of 688.480 shares were sold at 6.2 Euros each. This results in an increase in capital of approximately 4.3 million Euros and represents 20.28% of the company's capital after issue."