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Linux News for Aug 01, 2001

  • Red Rock Eater: "Code Red" Roundup (2001-08-01 23:29:03)
    File under "PSA": Phil Agre's Red Rock Eater news service provides a collection of links to the "Code Red" story, along with a reasonable and level-headed assessment of the whole thing. Some of the links lead to interesting charts with which you can track its progress and spread.

  • Dmitry Sklyarov: Some Followup Articles (2001-08-01 22:59:15)
    Here's a collection of followups on the Dmitry Sklyarov story: Upside says Adobe was thuggish; NewsForge notes that more support is needed to get Sklyarov out of jail, Slashdot's Jon Katz says the mainstream media's coverage of the case is a disgrace, a college paper calls for repeal of the DMCA, and The Standard looks at Virginia's Rich Boucher, who's working to amend the DMCA to reflect existing understandings of fair use. Six stories and a special "double-wide" collection of related stories.

  • Linux Hardware Database: Motherboards Superguide (2001-08-01 21:19:44)
    While only 15 of the 53 motherboards carried here have an associated rating, the 'Motherboard Superguide' from ZDNet's Linux Hardware Database provides a quick summary of the basic specs and links to pages with help on each particular piece of hardware.

  • LinuxUser Issue 12 Articles Now Available for Download (2001-08-01 20:33:54)
    LinuxUser issue 12 articles are now available in PDF format. This issue includes features on Red Hat's Bob Young, Eric Allman of Sendmail, an article entitled 'Time to pay up for your free software,' an in-depth look at awk, and more.

  • Evolution Bug Day Tomorrow (and every Thursday until 1.0 arrives) (2001-08-01 19:02:04)
    Tomorrow (and every Thursday until version 1.0 is released) is Evolution Bug Day, part of a series of bug-squashing parties aimed at cleaning up the GNOME mailer/PIM.

  • ElMostrador.cl: Chilean Public Pension System (INP) Switches to Linux (2001-08-01 18:10:25)
    "Two of every three Chileans either pay or get paid by this state-owned institution, which has 63 offices and ten corporate buildings all over the country, using more than 1500 computers."

  • LinuxProgramming: DotGNU and Portable.NET join forces (2001-08-01 16:53:08)
    "The Portable.NET project becomes the "DotGNU Portable.NET" subproject of the DotGNU meta-project and Rhys Weatherley is now a member of the DotGNU Core Team."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Penguin and Scyld Team on Customized Beowulf Clusters (2001-08-01 15:30:17)
    "With its patent-pending STS technologies, Penguin Computing will factory-install Scyld's specialized Linux distribution, supplying an ideal platform for HPC applications found in high-end scientific analysis, data mining, and Web farms. Every cluster will be custom built and optimized for specific customer needs."

  • Debian Multimedia Distribution started (2001-08-01 14:27:46)
    "The Debian Multimedia Distribution (DeMuDi) project is an effort to build a Linux distribution for the purpose of multimedia work. The Debian GNU/Linux distribution already contains the tools for building and maintaining such a distribution and will serve as the basis for this distribution."