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Linux News for Aug 26, 2001

  • LinuxProgramming: Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Aug 25) (Aug 26, 2001, 23:49)
    All the latest news from the Tcl world.

  • MachineOfTheMonth: The Evolution of Debian Package Management Systems (Aug 26, 2001, 21:49)
    "I want to introduce you to some of the package management programs that I would like you to consider as a new user of Debian GNU/Linux. I have graphical user interfaces and I have some that run off a console. It's your choice and I am not going to try and make it for you."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.8-ac12 (Aug 26, 2001, 18:45)
    Changelog, links within.

  • MozillaQuest.com: Mozilla 1.0 Release Set Back to 2002 (Aug 26, 2001, 18:18)
    "It's past time for the Mozilla Organization to show some leadership and courage in stewarding the Mozilla Project. The Mozilla Organization should set some definite, realistic, schedule and timeline goals for finalizing Mozilla 1.0 - and then be prepared to take and accept the heat if those goals are not met. Moreover, it should make those goals clear and public - no more of the evasive, uncertain, and wishy-washy "when it's ready" crap."

  • Linux Journal: Kylix: Rapid Application Development on Linux (Aug 26, 2001, 17:48)
    "If you believe the hype, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool means never having to write code again. Instead of all that tedious writing, you click here and there, drag a little, drop a little and-- Hey! Presto!--instant application. Real problems call for real code, and the true value of a RAD tool lies in how easily you can design, document, implement, test and maintain a project. This article takes a closer look at Borland Kylix, the facts, not the fiction."

  • osOpinion: Something Missing From Open Source (Aug 26, 2001, 16:00)
    "After going to Source Forge and seeking out an open source GNU CAD project, I found that one existed, but that it had remained dormant for over a year, with no serious effort underway. I cannot function professionally without a CAD graphics program. Neither can any of the world's architects and engineers. So while the computer geek in me revels in open source, it is astounding that it continues to be useless for so many technical people."

  • IBM developerWorks: Embedded Linux applications: An overview (Aug 26, 2001, 13:49)
    "Linux now spans the spectrum of computing applications, including IBM's tiny Linux wrist watch, hand-held devices (PDAs and cell phones), Internet appliances, thin clients, firewalls, industrial robotics, telephony infrastructure equipment, and even cluster-based supercomputers. Let's take a look at what Linux has to offer as an embedded system, and why it's the most attractive option currently available."

  • ZDNet: Ximian To Offer Shrink-Wrapped Linux PIM (Aug 26, 2001, 13:02)
    "Ximian will offer its Evolution application, an e-mail management, calendar and to-do list manager, as a package with documentation in a $29.95 standard edition and $49.95 professional edition, said Jon Perr, vice president of marketing."

  • Linux.com: Fight the GNU/Future (Aug 26, 2001, 12:05)
    "The same people in the Open Source community who make excuses for FSF extremism seem to be missing the simple truth here-- RMS isn't an extreme view in the Open Source movement, but the standard view of a completely different movement altogether."

  • Linux Magazine: How to Write Efficient MySQL Applications (Aug 26, 2001, 10:08)
    "Just as thousands of folks are learning about Unix by experimenting with Linux in their spare time, many are learning about relational database systems by playing with MySQL. Most of these newcomers to MySQL have neither a background in relational database theory nor the time to read the entire MySQL manual. For this reason, we've decided to take a look at some of the methods you can use to tune MySQL for optimal performance. After reading this article, you'll understand some of the techniques that will help you design your MySQL databases and queries so that your applications are efficient. We will assume you are familiar with MySQL and SQL basics, but will not assume you have extensive knowledge of either."

  • TheLinuxReview: KDE 2.2: The aftermath (or, a week after install) (Aug 26, 2001, 08:19)
    A supposed KDE developer (the only reason I say supposed, is because he/she posted anonymously) wrote the following: "And you'd be surprised how good of a payment a fresh pizza delivery is. I urge every user to send a quick mail to kde-devel offering money or a pizza to any developer that codes a wanted feature." To that I say, "The first developer that presents me with a working Mandrake 8.0 binary of KMail that supports the following ... will provide one product from the TUX store of the developer's choosing, and 350.00 US Dollars."