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Linux News for Oct 24, 2001

  • LinuxProgramming: Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Oct 24) (2001-10-24 23:27:17)
    All that's new in the Python world.

  • Red Hat Comments on Unsigned Packages, Provides Signed Errata Packages (2001-10-24 21:54:50)
    Red Hat has responded to Kurt Seifried's advisory regarding a pair of unsigned packages that were shipped with Red Hat 7.2. According to the company, signed packages will now be provided.

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: Updated mod_auth_pgsql packages available (2001-10-24 20:15:42)
    "Updated mod_auth_pgsql packages are now available for Red Hat Linux 7.2. These updates close a vulnerability which would allow a malicious client to cause a Web server to execute arbitrary SQL statements. A bug in the MD5 password mechanism causing valid passwords not to authenticate the user has also been fixed."

  • CNET News.com: The coming "open monopoly" in software (2001-10-24 19:40:46)
    From a pair of Sun engineers: "Historically, market economies favor monopolies when infrastructure is needed. Consider the history of AT&T, utilities or railroads in America. But the infrastructure building period ends at some point--and we are rapidly approaching that point in the software industry."

  • NewsForge: Open Source community could learn something from Microsoft's services (2001-10-24 18:59:58)
    "A recent article by CRN's Steve Burke is among a blizzard of similar pieces threatening that system integrators will begin to walk away from proprietary developers and begin to popularize Linux if Microsoft and the other vendors don't stop muscling in on the service business. I don't think so."

  • SuSE Security Announcement: htdig (2001-10-24 16:44:47)
    "ht://Dig is a powerfull indexing and information gathering tool for the web. ht://Dig's search engine htsearch could be run by a http server as CGI program or standalone as commandline tool. Due to insufficient checking of the running environment it is possible to use commandline options via CGI. An remote attacker could use the -c option to specify /dev/zero as an alternate config file to causes a denial of service for some minutes."

  • dot.kde.org: C Mania: KDE 3 Offers C Bindings (2001-10-24 16:06:31)
    "Richard Dale recently pleasantly surprised me (and probably others) by announcing that he has committed C bindings for the KDE3/Qt3 libraries to KDE's CVS."

  • ZDNet: What's the future of Linux? (Gartner) (2001-10-24 15:23:44)
    "Gartner detects a greater level of comfort in deploying Linux among project development teams. They also detect more willingness to run Linux as front-end application servers, but, in large enterprises, IS directors and CIOs still are concerned about support and tend to use their vendor support on Unix and mainframes as the reference comparison for that expected of Linux."

  • LinuxPR: Jabber, Inc. Unveils Free 100 User Instant Messaging Server (2001-10-24 14:03:44)
    "Jabber, Inc., today announced a program under which a limited user version of its flagship product, the Jabber Communications Platform (JCP), will be available for free download from the Jabber website."

  • LinuxWorld.com: A strategic comparison of Windows vs. Unix (2001-10-24 11:40:01)
    "Most of the Windows versus Unix debate has been cast in terms of which is technically better or which is cheaper, but the real question is, 'Under what circumstances is it smarter to pick one technology rather than the other?' In scenario 1, a college administrator chooses Unix or Windows for a 500-student system. In scenario 2, the board of a 5,000-user manufacturing company looks at that same decision."

  • LinuxGram: Inside the Penguin Meltdown (2001-10-24 09:58:31)
    "The ex-exec explained that former Penguin CEO Marty Seyer and the management team had lined up $15 million in C Series funding, and that there was at least one serious unidentified buyout offer on the table. Sam balked over the terms and fired Marty the night before the Penguin board met last week. Sam reportedly said he could do better as a white box vendor."

  • Linux Drivers for nVidia Based Hercules Cards Available (2001-10-24 09:06:17)
    "Linux drivers (ver. 1.0-15.41) have been released for all nVidia chipset based Hercules graphics cards."

  • LinuxProgramming: Tcl 8.3.4 released (2001-10-24 08:39:04)
    "The Tcl maintainers are pleased to announce the 8.3.4 releases of the Tcl scripting language and the Tk toolkit. This is the fourth patch release of Tcl/Tk 8.3. More details can be found below. We'd like to thank all those that submit bugs and patches as they are the primary source of information for us to identify problems in the core."

  • Linux 2.4.13 Is Out (2001-10-24 06:21:16)
    Linux 2.4.13 has been released. Changelog, link within.

  • ZDNet: Lindows unites Linux and Windows (2001-10-24 04:48:14)
    "Hoping to succeed in a difficult task, a software start-up plans to sell a version of Linux designed to run popular Windows programs. ... The software is based on years of labor devoted to the Wine project, an open-source effort to mimic the commands that Windows programs use. Lindows adds proprietary software with improvements such as making fonts appear better or software install more easily, Robertson said in an interview."

  • NewsBytes: Red Hat Denies Security Flaw in `Enigma' (2001-10-24 01:45:39)
    Red Hat says an advisory issued by Kurt Seifried regarding a pair of unsigned packages (reproduced within) isn't a serious security problem. Seifried maintains that without the signatures, the packages are easily subverted and redistributed to unsuspecting downloaders.