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Linux News for Nov 29, 2001

  • LinuxWorld.com: Finishing an installation of Debian over a network (2001-11-29 23:56:19)
    "Details on configuring XFree86 with xf86config. Also, how to create a Web server that handles text communications from desktop machines to digital cell phones, PCS phones, and alpha pagers."

  • ComputerWorld: Q&A: McNealy defends Sun reliability, personal privacy views (2001-11-29 23:45:45)
    "We're the No. 1 Linux appliance server supplier in the world with the Cobalt line [from the acquisition of Cobalt Networks Inc. last year]. We have Linux extensions to Solaris. We just don't think a Linux partition on a mainframe makes a lot of sense. It's kind of like having a trailer park in the back of your estate."

  • The Register: US courts kowtow to entertainment industry (2001-11-29 22:18:29)
    "Wednesday was a bad day for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF ), a watchdog group involved in several suits challenging the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) on behalf of consumers, researchers and publishers." 2600 publisher Eric Corely has lost his appeal and Prof. Edward Felten had his suit over his right to publish his HackSDMI findings thrown out.

  • ComputerWorld: The Source Is Everything (2001-11-29 21:12:28)
    "While there are many technical challenges ahead for Linux, there is one overriding factor that makes Linux virtually unassailable by all closed-source competition: Your investment in Linux is protected by the best software warranty on earth, the GNU General Public License."

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: Updated Cyrus SASL packages available (2001-11-29 20:30:44)
    "Updated Cyrus-SASL packages are now available for Red Hat Power Tools 6.2. These packages fix a possible format-string vulnerability in the default logging callback function provided by libsasl."

  • IBM developerWorks: Programming sockets (2001-11-29 19:33:46)
    "This month my focus is on data communication through sockets. Sockets are a programming interface developed by contributors at the University of California at Berkeley in the 1980s. Sockets represent a complete mechanism for establishing network connections between two end points potentially on different computers. The end points are created and bound to each other using the sockets APIs." And some more interesting performance testing, as well.

  • IBM developerWorks: RunTime: Pipes in Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows XP (2001-11-29 18:13:04)
    Interesting comparison of pipes between Linux, Win2k, and Windows XP providing optimization tips and some speed charts.

  • SuSE.com: SuSE Linux in Action During the Salvage of the "Kursk" (2001-11-29 15:08:51)
    "Dr. Rotthäuser and Dr. Hagemeister from Ingenieursgesellschaft IgH, based in Essen (Germany), were on board among the European salvage team of 52, who lifted the Kursk from its watery grave 108 meters below sea level in October 2001. Their company's control software made sure that the Russian nuclear submarine remained in a stable, safe position during the salvage despite heavy seas."

  • Mandrake Linux Users Club Launched (2001-11-29 14:10:00)
    "Based on the 'Street Performer Protocol', the main benefits of joining this club will be to improve our capability to improve more and more the Mandrake Linux Open Source project."

  • Linux Weekly News for November 29, 2001 (2001-11-29 12:49:14)
    This week: playing with Evolution, Sklyarov update, the new kernel development series begins, more.

  • Linux Journal: FTC to Probe IT Patents' Antitrust Effect (2001-11-29 11:19:13)
    "Representatives of large corporations walk into a room and come out with an agreement that excludes small companies from competing with their technology. It is an illegal conspiracy in restraint of trade, an information technology standards organization...or both?"

  • DesktopLinux.com launches Windows-to-Linux FAQ Project (2001-11-29 10:45:03)
    "The "Win2LinFAQ" will cover commonly asked questions about Linux and related applications installation and configuration, application selection, data migration issues, etc. Members of the Linux community are being asked to contribute appropriate questions -- and answers -- to the project."

  • MP3 Newswire: Portable Linux Movie & MP3 Player (2001-11-29 09:14:36)
    "Measuring a compact 10.2" x 6.3" x 1.2" (260 x 160 x 30 mm) the unit has a 20GB hard drive for storing files. Once a collection of movies are downloaded, the player can easily be disconnected and carried anywhere there is a television for convenient viewing. The company bills the Bokks as a personal video recorder, but the unit is actually a bit closer to a specific-function laptop that uses a TV for its display."

  • PR: IBM Builds Computer Grid For Breast Cancer Diagnosis And Screening (2001-11-29 08:39:26)
    "Once the data is loaded into the portal, it is transmitted to a metropolitan hub -- an IBM eServer Cluster 1600 UNIX system. When the Grid is fully deployed, data from several metropolitan hubs will be funneled to a high-capacity regional hub, which is now being prototyped with an IBM eServer 1300 Linux system."

  • Linux 2.5.1-pre3 Released (2001-11-29 07:39:25)
    Changelog, link within.

  • CNET News.com: Software flaw threatens Linux servers (2001-11-29 07:39:15)
    "A vulnerability in the most widely used FTP server program for Linux has left numerous sites open to online attackers, a situation worsened when Red Hat mistakenly released information on the flaw early, leaving other Linux companies scrambling to get a fix out."

  • SuSE Security Announcement: wuftpd (2001-11-29 07:21:50)
    "The CORE ST Team had found an exploitable bug in all versions of wuftpd's ftpglob() ... This bug could be exploited depending on the implementation of the dynmaic allocateable memory API (malloc(3), free(3)) in the libc library. Linux and other system are exploitable!"

  • Caldera International Security Advisory: wu-ftpd (2001-11-29 07:02:44)
    "The CoreST team has discovered a vulnerability in wu-ftpd that can be exploited to obtain root access to the FTP server. We recommend that customers immediately upgrade to the fixed version. If you do not need FTP service, remove the package."

  • Immunix OS Security Advisory: wu-ftpd (2001-11-29 06:55:35)
    "CORE Security Technologies has found an heap overflow problem in wu-ftpd, related to the internal globbing functions. Because this is a heap overflow, StackGuard does not prevent any possible exploits from working."

  • NewsForge: Linux advocacy and hardware support (2001-11-29 00:30:19)
    "A constant refrain in the email I get from people trying to use Linux for the first time is, 'Linux needs better hardware support.' At the same time, many experienced Linux users, who also wish Linux had better hardware support, worry about Linux getting 'dumbed down' if a lot of people who aren't very knowledgeable about computers start using it. But better hardware support will only come if Linux becomes more popular among non-gurus. Here's why..."