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Linux News for Jan 26, 2002

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: rsync (2002-01-26 06:31:28)
    "New rsync packages are available; these fix a remotely exploitable problem in the I/O functions."

  • FOSDEM.org: PKI with Matthias Brossard and Quantum Computing with Bruno Marchal (2002-01-26 06:12:40)
    Leading up to the 2002 Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting, FOSDEM has two more interviews with featured developers.

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Between the Sheets With NExS (2002-01-26 03:56:56)
    If you've ever prepared the Thanksgiving turkey with pliers, and Brian Proffitt has, you'll probably have an affinity for NExS: a C-programmable spreadsheet that provides something more than even self-identified "power users" will want to play with, less than home users will want to contend with, and could possibly be just right for programmers who need a spreadsheet-formatted way to move data around between UNIX applications. A look at GreyTrout's "Network Extensible Spreadsheet."

  • Debian Security Advisory: rsync remote exploit (2002-01-26 03:45:14)
    "Sebastian Krahmer found several places in rsync (a popular tool to synchronise files between machines) where signed and unsigned numbers were mixed which resulted in insecure code. This could be abused by remote users to write 0-bytes in rsync's memory and trick rsync into executing arbitrary code."

  • apcmag.com: Tech wizardry (More on the Lord of the Rings visual effects team) (2002-01-26 02:29:56)
    "Massive's job on The Lord of the Rings is to animate battle scenes with thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of fighters. The amazing thing is that the creatures on the screen have a "brain" -- they're not dumb models, like most animations."

  • LinuxPR: Eric's Ultimate Solitaire for Linux on Sale from theKompany.com (2002-01-26 01:12:29)
    "We've decided to blow our our inventory of Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, so for a limited time you can pick up this great card game for Linux for just $5 plus shipping & handling."

  • NewsForge: Review: LindowsOS sneak preview - it's not vaporware after all (2002-01-26 00:21:06)
    "...Keeping in mind that this is an early beta of LindowsOS, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, who is Michael Robertson targeting? Once the Windows user gets LindowOS installed, he's looking at an interface that is, while similar to Windows, a foreign one."